SeeDevice: Taking the Lead in CMOS-SWIR Sensor Industry

SeeDevice Inc. is breaking ground with its QMOS™ sensor, utilizing quantum-based plasmonic and quantum tunneling technology to enable sensing into the SWIR (short-wave infrared) region on a purely silicon-based CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) structure. SeeDevice’s patented QMOS™ (quantum effect CMOS) image sensor is paving the way to popularizing CMOS-SWIR sensor with its extraordinary performance at an affordable cost. 

SWIR image sensors are used to detect in low light and low visibility conditions, aiding machine vision applications across automotive, industrial, and agricultural industries. Despite their usefulness, they are limited by high costs, size, and technical limitations due to the need for additional processes and materials such as InGaAs (indium gallium arsenide) and Germanium to improve performance and SWIR detection. The development of QMOS™ is expected to have an impact on various industries through its innovative improvements to the inherent limitations currently affecting existing CMOS image sensors. 

SeeDevice: Breaking New Ground

SeeDevice presently licenses its quantum photo-detecting technology to global customers and partners from its headquarters in Orange, California. The solution is highly cost-effective, reducing prices several times when compared to competing sensors.

SWIR sensing systems provide advanced potential like remote material classification. Additionally, they allow the collection of rich data under highly challenging visibility conditions, such as low light, smoke, and fog. 

With the rising advancement in technology and industrialization, the requirement for SWIR image sensors is augmenting in several fields. Founder and CEO of SeeDevice, Dr. Hoon Kim said, “SeeDevice’s quantum photodetector has a wide spectrum of applications and can be integrated easily into any current image sensor-based technology, allowing us to disrupt the current landscape.” 

The SWIR image market is expected to expand at an average annual growth rate of 10% from $322 million in 2022 to $2.9 billion in 2028. SeeDevice’s QMOS™ combines the advantages of CMOS and SWIR imaging to offer high-quality visual data at low production costs, resulting in its ability to be widely adopted across various industries, including agriculture, surveillance, automotive, biomedical, and consumer products like machine vision and mobile phones. 

Mastering the Industry Day-by-Day

SeeDevice’s recent advancement was shifting to the full-fledged development of a non-invasive blood glucose measuring system using the QMOSTM sensor. This transition represented a pivotal moment in SeeDevice’s research trajectory, the team adeptly redirected their focus to achieve this new objective. Leveraging patented technology, the team achieved precise data collection and is marching toward the next echelon on its journey to success.

Technology is What Makes SeeDevice Unique 

The major contributing factor to the company’s growth is technology, which sets it apart from competitors. By being entirely CMOS-based, SeeDevice can sustain low production costs without having to sacrifice performance. 

SeeDevice’s products have a wide range of applications as well as the potential to enhance the performance of present technologies, providing an interesting opportunity for investors. 

Dr. Kim says, “While our technology is vastly different than what is available in current markets and industries, the driving force behind our company’s growth is never settling for current performance. The unique compelling point of our technology is that it can be customized to not only exceed customer’s needs but improved upon for future use cases.”

At SeeDevice, the key motive is to continuously improve today’s technology to build a stronger future for image sensing. 

SeeDevice: Impressing Customers, Attracting Attention

The majority of SeeDevice’s collaborations have developed from introductions and recommendations by industry experts, resulting in some of the strongest partnerships the company has formed over years of business. In 2022, the company was selected by a notable agricultural corporation, which is among the largest agriculture manufacturers across the United States, to partner on their latest innovations. 

Dr. Kim says, “We had the pleasure of working closely with visionaries in the agricultural technology space, meeting in person several times for in-lab demonstrations. The surrounding technology ecosystem caught wind of our work together, which gained the interest of other parties who are in pursuit of superior sensing solutions.” The publicity obtained by joining the agricultural corporation’s Startup Collaborator program contributed to further success in negotiating with other large clients. 

Providing the best collaborative experience with customers has always been SeeDevice’s primary focus and, as a result, SeeDevice is becoming a reliable technology provider, receiving recommendations from various industry professionals. 

The Future of SeeDevice

SeeDevice is proud of its quick progress in creating a non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring (NI-CGM) device based on its QMOS™ sensor’s SWIR capabilities. Within the past few months, the company has conducted various studies on the effectiveness of measuring glucose levels optically with the QMOS™ sensor which has resulted in a considerate accuracy level when compared to the traditional finger-pricking method. Achieving this astonishing result further solidifies the profound impact the NI-CGM device has on providing a safer and more affordable solution to diabetics globally.

The company’s goal for the forthcoming year is to bring its non-invasive CGM technology to the global stage by demonstrating its prototype at digital health conferences and expos. As the company comes closer to the device’s completion, it will shift priority to commercialization. 

Description of the Company: SeeDevice specializes in its patented QMOS™ technology that delivers high-performance SWIR capabilities in cost-effective, proven standard CMOS processes. 

Pull Quote: “SeeDevice’s quantum photodetector has a wide spectrum of applications and can be integrated easily into any current image sensor-based technology, allowing us to disrupt the current landscape.”

Company Name: SeeDevice Inc.

Founding Year: 2017

Office Locations: Orange, CA, USA

Official Website of the Company: 

Name of the Featured Leader: Dr. Hoon Kim

Designation of the Leader: Founder and CEO

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