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Recently, the emphasis on digital marketing practices has been optimal for businesses around the world. To succeed in the constantly changing landscape, marketing practices help the business stay familiar with the audience and help them stand out amidst the competition. SEO Brand is amongst the early pioneers of several such marketing tactics like link building, marketplace optimization, and mobile solutions, which are still being used today. It is a boutique, yet international digital marketing agency which knows how to facilitate digital growth.

Over the years, SEO Brand has worked with several industries and from experience has learned what works. ‘It’s all in the data.’ SEO Brand collects data from multiple data points and can outline data interferences that no one else can see. This process helps the company in generating sales, leads, and more inbound traffic. The company is adept at analyzing every facet of the online presence regardless of the size and scope of the business. It holds expertise in analysis, development, and design, and creates unique and customized digital marketing solutions for every client that is 100% attainable to ROI.

What good is a marketing program if you cannot attribute it to results?  This is where our strength lies.

SEO Brand

Converting traffic into new clients

For several digital marketing agencies it is easy to draw traffic to the site, however, how will that traffic convert into new clients or sales for the business? The process of SEO Brand can design and execute strategies in which the data will qualify itself through various pieces of content.

By the time the click that we have generated for your business reaches your phone, email, or checkout process, it already went through a series of steps to make sure that you are either speaking to the right person as a master qualified lead or a qualified sale into your shopping cart check out process.  This process, agnostic of the digital channel we chose to generate the click, is what you can expect working with us,” explains Mike Salvaggio, the Co-founder, and CEO of SEO Brand.

The team has only one key metric which every business understands ‘ROI’. Each service is curated in a way to bridge the elements of traditional marketing, professional development, and modern branding techniques which effectively grow the business. It has a wide-ranging portfolio of services and solutions in the several niches of modern marketing practices:

  • Digital Marketing: Under this service, the clients get the bouquet of marketing services that help them reach the target audience through cohesive marketing campaigns and engaging calls to action. It includes services like SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Media Management, Public Relations., Reputation management, Blog Management, Content Marketing, Amazon SEO Services, SEO Audits, Remarketing, and Amazon EDI.
  • Custom Development: SEO Brand helps in increasing efficiency and streamlining operational costs through simplified software solutions. It offers, Ecommerce, Custom Software, Mobile Apps, and Website Development.
  • Graphic Design & Branding: These services help the clients’ business stand out in the competition with the novel design tailored according to the company’s vision. It includes Branding/Identity, Print Design, Video & Photography, and Web Design.

Team of SEO Specialists

SEO Brand has a creative and dedicated team of SEO specialists. These individuals understand the behavior of the consumer and take on any campaign where the team goes through several different role-play scenarios to act like the searcher or customer. Each campaign begins with this holistic and semantic-based approach before 1 keyword is even researched.

SEO Brand also actively invests in the new talent. The senior management is often seen helping the interns with an in-house comprehensive program for the local colleges as well as international universities. Mike adds, “SEO Brand is excited and pleased to train the next generation of SEO and digital marketing leaders who often become members of our team.” The team has over a decade of experience in building, scaling, and protecting the brands online. SEO Brand’s team members are creative, communicative, business savvy, and accountable. The company will completely absorb the business model while using digital channels to help, acquire and retain customers. The team strives continually until the clients have 100% market share and the several positive clientele feedback stands as testament.

SEO Brand has always focused on driving organic traffic that results in new customers. The team always aims for excellence both in the way it applies knowledge of search engines and attributable data to the way they interact with the clients. “Nothing makes us happier than jumps in revenue and rankings.  We won’t stop for you until we get every piece of market share there is to get,” concludes Mike.

SEO Brand

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