Sesderma Group: Pioneering Skincare Solutions Globally

Nearly three decades ago, Dr. Gabriel Serrano recognized a major gap in the skincare industry while practicing in his clinic. Based on his interactions, he identified the lack of accessible, high-quality dermo-cosmetic products. Additionally, he noticed there was a need for effective skincare products customized for a wide range of skin concerns and skin types. 

Dr. Serrano was motivated by a deep desire to fill this gap and inspired by his familial lineage rooted in medicine. As a result, he embarked on a mission to redefine the standards of skincare – he founded Sesderma Laboratories in 1989 to offer innovative solutions and personalized care. 


The Evolution of Sesderma Group 

The ethos of Sesderma Group is to create solutions that cater to the diverse needs of people. The establishment of the company itself meant bridging the gap between cosmetics and dermatology, providing tailored solutions for a variety of skin conditions. 

Today, with an exceptional legacy of more than 35 years, Sesderma is positioned as the foremost Spanish dermatological laboratory, asserting its dominance in more than 90 global markets. Its unwavering commitment to manufacturing, formulation, research, and development has driven it to become a leader in the industry. In fact, the company specializes in medical-aesthetic cosmetics, nano nutraceuticals, and dermo-cosmetic products. 

The Sesderma Group comprises well-known brands like Mediderma, Dr. Serrano, Sophieskin, Sesderma, and Dermopartners. Each brand caters to unique preferences and requirements, including third-party manufacturing services. 

Unwavering Dedication to Dermatological Solutions 

In the ever-changing world of skincare, where trends ebb and flow, Sesderma Group has remained steadfast in its commitment to transforming dermatological solutions. The company’s motto is “Listening to your skin”, which clearly defines what it stands for. 

“The key to our independence lies in the quality of our products and their effectiveness – values recognized by both users and the dermatologists who prescribe them. I have always been committed to innovation and research, as I firmly believe that this is the only way of success to continue developing effective products and treatments,” says Dr. Serrano. 

Sesderma Group offers a wide variety of products that cater to each aspect of skincare. These include regenerative treatments, pigmentation correction, photo repair, and anti-aging solutions. 

Blending Medical Expertise with Entrepreneurial Vision 

The journey of Dr. Serrano is a demonstration of the convergence of the entrepreneurial spirit and medical expertise. Coming from a family of physicians, his affinity for medicine was instilled in his childhood. Once he completed his studies, he identified the requirements for specialized skincare, which led to the establishment of Sesderma Laboratories. 

Dr. Serrano’s dedication to care for patients has shaped the Sesderma Group into what it is today. He says, “Currently, I’m dedicated to research and medicine, and I participate actively in symposiums, masterclasses, and medical training workshops.” Thus, staying up-to-date with the new developments has allowed him to revolutionize the industry and set new standards. 

Sesderma Group: Standing Out in the Market

What makes Sesderma Group stand out in the crowd is its steadfast commitment to research and innovation. At the heart of the company’s success lies the groundbreaking utilization of nanotechnology in skin care, transforming the delivery of active ingredients. In addition to this, Sesderma guarantees maximum efficacy and penetration through advanced encapsulation methods. 

The organization’s dedication to corporate social responsibility (CSR), ethical practices, and sustainability emphasizes its position in the industry. The company acknowledges the significance of reducing its environmental footprint. In fact, it has implemented several measures to reduce waste and augment energy efficiency. 

Sesderma further incorporates sustainable practices into the manufacturing processes. These include the utilization of biodegradable packaging and the installation of a photovoltaic plant. 

With regard to CSR, the company supports a variety of initiatives focused on enhancing well-being, education, and health in communities where it functions. Instances include collaborations with businesses addressing social issues such as acid attacks on women. In addition, the company has also established foundations to offer free educational support and medical care to disadvantaged individuals. 

Achieving Ambitious Goals of Expansion 

To attain the most ambitious heights, the necessary means are required, and this is exactly what Sesderma Group has done to achieve a new milestone, which was totally unimaginable a few years ago. This milestone is the annual manufacture of 100 million units of the company’s dermo-cosmetic products. 

Among the several expansion plans of the company was to augment its manufacturing capability, which has now become possible due to the inauguration of the new logistics warehouse. It is built near the facilities of its modern manufacturing plant and office building in Puzol. 

The warehouse is more than 6,500 square meters and has a storage capacity of 12,000 pallets. This augments Sesderma Group’s logistics area by over 30 percent. Besides, this modern space has been constructed in record time, which is just 10 months. The investment required for the same was more than 4 million euros. 

The milestone needed to be attained to optimize logistics procedures, expand the storage capacity, and unify the various facilities. For several decades, they fulfilled such functions in a single space in Rafelbunyol near the manufacturing plant. 

For more than the last couple of decades, Sesderma utilized several office buildings and logistics warehouses in this town. “After the inauguration of the company headquarters in Puçol in 2018, the purpose of bringing together all the facilities and the staff in one location became a strategic matter,” says Dr. Serrano. 

He further adds. “For us, it was a challenge to build a single workplace for all the workers of Sesderma Group. In addition, we have reduced the environmental impact of our activity, saved on production costs, and are preparing ourselves for the great challenge that we face in the coming years, which is to manufacture one hundred million units of product in these facilities, of which more than 80% will be destined to international markets.”

Certainly, the inauguration of this new center will imply further expansion of the manufacturing capacity to meet the rising demand for the products in 90 markets located on four continents. 

SOFICU Group: Dr. Serrano’s Vision for Expanding Horizons 

A new business corporation promoted by Dr. Serrano, the SOFICU Group has been established for new business development and investment initiatives. Serrano has already solidified Sesderma dermatological laboratories across the globe – it is present in over 90 global markets through 23 distributors and subsidiaries. Now, he promotes SOFICU in a variety of fields in the Dominican Republic, Spain, and several other nations. 

The SOFICU Group encompasses vehicles, industrial supplies, the cosmetic industry, Soficu Pharma, Soficu Fashion, tour operators, import/export, real estate, restoration, and hotels. Dr. Serrano says, “To dream big, to think that there is no ceiling to our projects other than our own limitations.”

The mission of this new investment management group is to promote business and economic activities that cater to the needs of the territories where it currently exists. The founding desire of the group is to enhance people’s lives, employ local staff, provide exceptional services, and aid the employees succeed in their careers. 

“The defense of the environment, the implementation of sustainable and environmentally friendly processes, as well as a firm social commitment to the communities where it is present are also part of the DNA that defines all our initiatives,” says Dr. Serrano. 

The idea behind the inception of SOFICU Group is to do more, in other ways, in other areas, so as to continue enhancing the lives of people. 

Sesderma’s Global Expansion Plans  

In 2023, Sesderma Group Valencia opened hubs in Hong Kong, Dubai, and Panama. This allowed the company to deliver its products faster and more efficiently to Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas. “Our challenge for the coming years is to gain market share in the two most populous countries in Latin America: Brazil and Mexico, as well as to expand our presence in the great eastern giant: China,” says Dr. Serrano. 

Moreover, the inauguration of Sesderma’s new warehouse augments its logistics area by 30 percent. This will allow the company to produce 100 million units per year, further aiding its expansion. 

According to Dr. Serrano’s visualization, Sesderma’s future involves global expansion as well as maintaining leadership in the current markets. The venture’s courageous investments in innovation combined with its commitment to prioritizing patients define its evolution and continuous growth.

Pull Quote: “The key to our independence lies in the quality of our products and their effectiveness – values recognized by both users and the dermatologists who prescribe them.”

Company Description: Sesderma Group bridges the gap between cosmetics and dermatology, providing tailored solutions for a variety of skin conditions. 

Company Name: Sesderma Group Valencia

Founding Year: 1989

Office Location: Puzol, Valencia 

Official Website of the Company:

Name of the Featured Leader: Dr. Gabriel Serrano 

Instagram Dr. Serrano: @drgabrielserrano

Designation of the Leader: Founder 

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