Simplified COO: Mapping the Success of Dental Owners

Every year, hundreds of thousands of dentists graduate in United States. Of these, many go on to establish their own clinics. But unfortunately, not all these clinics perform well. Oftentimes, they bleed cash. The primary reason being that dentists usually get stuck in juggling between growing their business and providing better patient care.

A major chunk of their time is usually spent in managing and marketing of their businesses when they should be spending more time with their patients. And also, since most dentists lack the experience and skills required to scale their business, their endeavours ultimately fail, resulting in wasted time and effort. Now they can’t afford to dust off the business side of their clinics and focus only on patient care though. For their clinics to thrive, dentists must ensure they hit the right balance between better patient care and implementing effective business strategies. Given the challenges and financial restrictions, hiring in-house COOs can never be an option as doing so might make dentists run the risk of closing down their clinics.

This is where simplified COO comes to the rescue.

Founded by Kevin Wheeler in 2017, Simplified COO shares its passion for the dental industry by helping others achieve success through operational leadership. The company offers all chief operating officer services including training and development. The company provides what it calls as fractional COOs, who are key operations-focused business partners that work less than full-time basis, to provide critical, temporary executive-level leadership to help organizations reach their goals. These fractional COOs are also affordable, which makes them all the more preferable by dentists that are just starting out. Over the years, the company has partnered with numerous DSO leadership and owner doctors and helped them achieve the results they want and get the success they deserve

The company’s client onboarding process is pretty simple. The executive team at Simplied COO and the client sit together for a meeting to obtain an in-depth overview of the current situation and what kind of changes can be incorporated to achieve maximum growth. They then go on to bring in the right modules, strategies and resources to incorporate the changes in an organization effectively. Clients can typically engage fractional COOs from 4 to 40 hours per week and it can last from several months or longer, depending on their specific situation and needs. It’s an excellent short-term solution for many companies.

And unlike many other COO companies, simplified COO doesn’t limit itself to a very few services, but covers a wide range of services to go above and beyond to help its clients. This includes getting rid of clients’ legacy processes and systems that are preventing their further growth, and bringing in new process that scale for themselves. Be it Marketing, IT, Analytics, Training, or Operations, Simplified COO works across a multitude of disciplines to help clients execute their goals effectively.

The company’s strong network, backed by the experience and skills of its founder and CEO, Kevin Wheeler, who has more than 20 years of dental leadership experience, makes it possible to take on projects that intimidate other companies. Over the years, Kevin has worked with several nationally recognized dental groups and helped thousands of owners achieve success. “In these years, I became interested in helping smaller group owners and helping them reach their dreams of growing into a larger group practice,” says Kevin. His teams have achieved numerous personal successes and acquired over 107 performance-driven company awards throughout their DSO engagements. 

The company’s mission is very straightforward: offer clients affordable and highly effective business operations so that they can cut costs and expand their clientele and increase their revenue and from that they can afford to hire in-house COOs soon. “Our goal is to work ourselves out of a company,” says Kevin. 

Simplified COO believes that operations management is responsible for all aspects of creating goods and services. According to the company, the operations management is what that manages resources such as materials, machines, technology, and people, and makes products and services that the marketplace wants. Therefore, the whole chain of events must be well managed for a business to be competitive. Thus, to ensure clients’ systems work for their maximum advantage, the company follows strict operational management foundations from planning to cost control to technology to profitability.

Down the road, the company plans to add more executives onboard to serve more clients and help them scale their businesses. With a stellar team and a big vision in place, Simplified COO is all set to redefine the future of dentistry leadership space. “I’ve been honored to work with great clients that enjoy my services so much they refer me to their colleagues,” concludes Kevin. 

Description: Founded in 2017, Simplified COO shares their passion for the dental industry by helping others achieve success through operational leadership. They have spent years partnering with DSO leadership and owner doctors helping them achieve the results they want and get the success they deserve.

Company Name: Simplified COO LLC 

Founding Year: 2015

Office Location: 

Official Website of the company:

Name of the Featured Leader: Kevin Wheeler

Designation of the Leader: Founder & CEO

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