Soshianest: Revolutionizing Ocean Freight Predictions with Cutting-Edge AI Technology

The maritime industry has come a long way from relying on traditional methods of predicting weather patterns and ocean conditions. The evolution of technology has brought about innovative and sophisticated forecasting solutions that have revolutionized the industry. Soshianest Enterprise Miner Inc has had its fair share of contributions in this evolution, providing cutting-edge marine forecasting solutions that are designed to meet the needs of modern-day seafarers. With focus on innovation, accuracy, and safety, Soshianest is leading the way in the development of new and improved marine forecasting technologies.

Founded in 2020, the company offers a comprehensive suite of tools and solutions that are designed to provide accurate and reliable forecasts for the entire maritime industry. It focuses on providing accurate forecasting of shipping rates to various stakeholders with the help of its cutting-edge machine learning technology.


These stakeholders may include ship owners, charterers, owners, brokers, financial institutions, and market/freight & equity analysts. Soshianest aspires to be the pioneer in the maritime community by providing them enhanced intelligent algorithms, which will help them operate in an intelligent manner and increase their ROI. The company’s advanced technologies and innovative approach to marine forecasting have made it one of the leading providers of marine forecasting solutions in the industry.

About the Leader

Dr. Payman Eslami is the Founder and CEO of Soshianest Enterprise Miner Inc, a leading provider of cutting-edge maritime forecasting solutions. With a PhD in Industrial Engineering and over two decades of experience in the industry, Dr. Eslami has established a reputation as a thought leader in the field. Under his guidance, Soshianest has grown to become a global player, offering innovative freight rate analysis tools to clients across the world. With his relentless drive and unwavering commitment to excellence, Dr. Eslami continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the maritime forecasting industry, and is widely respected as a true pioneer in his field.

Transforming an Idea into a Success Story

The idea behind the inception of Soshianest originated when Dr. Eslami stumbled upon a few challenges while working as an engineer in the marine industry. He learned about how volatile the shipping market is due to several uncertainties and lack of accuracy in the forecasting techniques. During his Masters degree, Dr. Eslami learned Artificial Intelligence (AI) and system identification, and applied the same on building solutions that would cater specifically to the marine industry. His modeling of the solutions along with his vision of helping the community laid the foundation for the establishment of Soshianest.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Ensure Accuracy

Soshianest offers a wide range of innovative and sustainable solutions that provide precise market insights to its customers. The company uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) for data analysis and insights generation in order to ensure accuracy. Some of the key products offered by the company include weekly and monthly predictions through freight analysis, quarterly predictions for planning ship maintenance, annual predictions for maritime market analysis, among other services.

The company’s primary focus is to provide key insights that would make decision making effortless for its clients. For instance, Soshianest’s predictive analysis is capable of forecasting accurate freight rates, which significantly helps seafarers make informed decisions. With focus on innovation and sustainability, Soshianest is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive the industry forward.

Overcoming the Scarcity of Skilled Workforce

One of the biggest challenges that Soshianest has faced is lack of skilled workforce. Finding and retaining skilled workers can be a challenge in the highly specialized field of maritime forecasting. In addition, changes in regulations and environmental policies can impact the demand for certain types of services, and may create new challenges for the company. Soshianest aspires to overcome these challenges by staying ahead of industry trends and continuously adapting to changing market conditions. 

Delivering Solutions that Surpass Client Expectations

Soshianest focuses on catering to the individual requirements of clients. To achieve this objective, the company collaborates closely with clients to gather their needs, obtain necessary data, and process it to train models that fulfill their specific needs. Consequently, customer satisfaction is a crucial component of the company’s operations and directs its strategy toward delivering solutions that surpass client expectations. The company manages to attain customer loyalty, increase profitability, and improve customer retention by delivering cutting-edge solutions, ultimately ensuring customer satisfaction.

Diligently Working Toward Long-term Objectives

Soshianest is diligently working toward its future objectives. The company is focusing on research and development with the goal of developing innovative solutions that set it apart from its competitors. Another major objective of the company includes improving operational efficiency by streamlining its operations, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency. In addition, one of the major long-term goals of the company is embracing sustainability. Soshianest aspires to develop and promote business practices that are environmentally responsible and promote the well-being of communities.

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