STT Logistics Group: One-Stop Solution for all Logistic Problems

The freight industry is a complex and interconnected system that involves numerous players, including shippers, carriers, brokers, and third-party logistics providers. In this context, one of the primary challenges facing the industry is the lack of a single service provider to manage the entire supply chain. When different service providers are involved in the movement of goods, it can create significant coordination challenges that can increase costs, reduce efficiency, and cause delays. Moreover, the lack of standardization in freight transportation can also pose communication challenges. When different providers are involved, it can be difficult to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals. Miscommunications can lead to mistakes and delays, which can negatively impact the entire supply chain.

Another challenge associated with not having a single service provider is the lack of accountability. When multiple providers are involved, it can be difficult to pinpoint who is responsible for any issues that arise. This can create confusion and make it harder to resolve disputes and address problems in a timely manner.

STT Logistics Group is one of the most trusted logistic solutions providers, which is on a mission, in Corbert’s words, “To transform the way the freight industry handles and delivers customers assets globally with ease.”

STT Logistics Group: Providing Unbeatable Logistics Services

STT Logistics Group is a US-based logistics company that offers a wide range of end-to-end logistics solutions to businesses of all sizes. The company was established in 2015 by Andre Corbert and has since emerged as a leading logistics provider in the US region and other parts of the world. STT Logistics Group’s services include freight forwarding, customs clearance, industrial logistics, and other transportation-related services. These advanced logistics solutions ensure that STT Logistics Group remains at the forefront of the industry, providing cutting-edge logistics services to its customers.

In the words of Andre Corbert, CEO of the company, “We are a company dedicated to the growth of our associates focusing on meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations and experience when working with us.” In 2015, Andre started the company to take advantage of the unexplored opportunities in the logistics market and was joined by Stelios Vergitsis in 2018.

The company operates a global network of offices and partners, allowing it to provide seamless logistics solutions to its customers around the world. With a dedicated team of logistics experts, STT Logistics Group offers customized logistics solutions that cater to the unique needs and requirements of its customers. The company has built a reputation for excellence in logistics, and its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has helped it establish a loyal customer base.

Services Offered by STT Logistics Group

As the world becomes increasingly connected and globalized, logistics has become an essential part of business operations. Companies need to ensure that their equipment, types of machinery, products, and goods are transported efficiently and reliably to their customers, suppliers, and partners. That’s where STT Logistics Group comes in. With its wide range of logistics services, STT Logistics Group is a one-stop solution for businesses looking to streamline their supply chain operations.

From freight forwarding to small parcel delivery, STT Logistics Group offers a comprehensive suite of logistics services that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer. Freight forwarding is one of the core services offered by STT Logistics Group. The company provides air, sea, and land freight services and has a global network of partners and offices that enable it to provide seamless transportation of goods to any destination. STT Logistics Group’s freight forwarding services also include special permits, customs clearance, and documentation management.

STT Logistics Group offers a comprehensive truckload service that provides businesses with a reliable and efficient way to transport their goods. STT Logistics Group’s truckload service is designed to provide businesses with a flawless transportation experience, from pick-up to delivery. One of the key advantages of STT Logistics Group’s truckload service is its flexibility. The company can handle a wide range of truckload shipments, including dry goods, temperature-controlled goods, and oversized or overweight items.

In addition to its core logistics services, STT Logistics Group also offers a range of value-added services, such as dealing with auctions, verifying orders, etc. The company finds and books reliable and proficient drivers and conducts due diligence to check if the driver has all the necessary permits and insurance for a particular cargo. It provides its services in 26 different countries, including regions such as Central and South America, The Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

What gives STT Logistics Group an edge over its competitors?

STT Logistics Group has developed a strong competitive edge in the logistics industry due to its various strategic planning. Primarily, the company’s ability to adapt to the customers’ needs and provide a customized service has given it a competitive advantage. This is possible due to the global network of partners and offices that enable it to transport goods to any destination with ease. This extensive network has allowed the company to establish strong relationships with its partners and gain a deep understanding of local customs and regulations.

The company provides customers with real-time updates on their shipments. The customer is provided with a dedicated freight broker, dispatcher, and supervisor’s contact information. They keep the customers posted with pictures of their goods once loaded on the trailer. The company serves beyond its duty by arranging mechanics if the equipment needs any fixing before installation. In addition to that, STT Logistics Group also helps in arranging warehouse facilities.

“we will do whatever it takes to make sure our customer’s experience is beyond great and that they have peace of mind throughout the process, Stelios plays a huge role in all of this,” says Andre Corbert.

Some Prominent Client Cases of STT Logistics Group. 

STT Logistics Group has a proven track record of successfully delivering logistics solutions to its clients. The company has worked with a diverse range of customers across various industries and has helped them achieve their logistics goals. Here are some examples of successful client cases of the company:

One of STT Logistics Group’s clients needed to transport a Manitowoc 888 from Canada to Nigeria. The company faced several challenges, like finding the right team of experts to dismantle the huge equipment which was a very old model of the year 1977. There were very few experts available; however, the company was able to dismantle it in 20 pieces and deliver the assignment in perfect condition.

Another client, the US military, approached the company to move goods and equipment to various locations. The company had moved about ten tanks and over 170 containers to a military base in Arizona. In this case, the company appointed an expert with advanced military training, and under his supervision, the loads were successfully delivered to the final location inside the base.

These successful client cases demonstrate STT Logistics Group’s expertise in providing customized logistics solutions that meet the unique needs of its clients. The company’s integrated services, global network, and experienced professionals enable it to deliver high-quality, efficient, and reliable logistics solutions.

What are the expansion plans of the company?

STT Logistics Group has a clear roadmap for its future and is committed to delivering superior logistics solutions to its clients. The company plans to expand to other territories, especially South America and Africa, which is growing exponentially and has the potential to give positive outcomes. The expected growth of the logistics industry, fueled by globalization and increased e-commerce, is anticipated to contribute significantly to the bright future of STT Logistics Group.

Pull Quote: , “We are a company dedicated to the growth of our associates focusing on meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations and experience when working with us”.

Description of the company: STT Logistics Group offers a comprehensive truckload service that provides businesses with a reliable and efficient way to transport their goods. The company has a fleet of modern trucks and trailers, which are operated by experienced and professional drivers.

Company Name:  STT Logistics Group

Founding Year: 2015

Office Locations:  Miami, FL

Website of the company: 

Name of the Featured Leader:  Andre Corbert (CEO) & Stelios Vergitsis (Executive VP) 

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