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Several organizations all over the world face one major problem that keeps them away from succeeding and achieving their goals – instability. Organizational instability can result from several factors, which can vary from one company to another but it eventually hampers the outcomes for all of them in a similar fashion. While leadership can be one of the factors, other aspects include low staff capacity, poor governance, low-grade management, as well as flawed strategies. This means that to ensure organizational stability, all such aspects must be taken into consideration. However, a majority of companies are unable to manage all this by themselves. As a matter of fact, most of them are not even aware of the factors leading to instability.

Successory Nigeria Limited

Increasing Organizational Stability with SNL

Considering the need to overcome these challenges and to help businesses meet their goals, Successory Nigeria Limited (SNL) was founded in 2001. The primary vision of the company was to fill the gap in human capacity in the growing development finance sector. This required capacity-building programs along with domain-specific curriculum formation, strategic plan development, and concentrated sectoral research. Dr. Steve Olusegun Ogidan, the CEO and Managing Consultant of SNL established the company to fill the void in homegrown consulting services for strategy development, capacity building, and organizational growth. The key aim behind these objectives was to assure organizational sustainability, something that companies majorly lacked.

SNL offers ideal solutions to meet the business needs of their clients. In order to do so, they consistently level up their team members to make sure that they become the best consultants, who are capable of adapting to a variety of projects and responsibilities. The tech-savvy experts have strong backgrounds in applied science, consulting, as well as finance, and banking. The wide variety of experiences allows them to cater to the needs of the ever-evolving business environment.

How does SNL help its clients?

Successory Nigeria Limited is focused on using a participatory and straightforward method to overcome the difficulties its clients go through. The company works conjointly with clients to produce competitive and comparative benefits, attach stakeholder value, and enhance organizational performance. Truth be told, SNL offers services to some of the major international, non-governmental NGOs along with public and private sector companies.

The services of SNL include data capture, data management, organizational strategy, process development, capacity building, manpower development, human capital outsourcing, information and data management, strategy and innovation, research, project management, development, and agricultural finance innovation. Based on the needs of the client’s business, some or most of these services are provided to guarantee the stability of the company.

To SNL, each of their clients is unique, and it is with this approach that they offer their services to different clients. The experts at SNL devote themselves to evaluating conditions with the use of various tools to offer solutions that line up with the organization and its goals. Besides, they are incredibly focused on employee goals and achieve them through innovative human resource governance. What’s more, SNL also believes in teaming up with other professionals in the industry to obtain ideas from myriad experiences, knowledge, and perspectives.

The reason why the company has been able to help several organizations so far is that it believes in making sure it guides its clients to attain stable organizational solutions along with objectives and enhanced stakeholder value. SNL’s capacity-building service is per the needs of the client for hybrid, on-site, and virtual platforms.

Offering Innovative Solutions in the Financial Development and Agricultural Sector

SNL is convinced by the idea that a great company is known by the clients it serves. And if you are not aware of the company’s clients, some of them include the Union Bank, IFDC, First Bank, UNDP, ABUCOOP Microfinance Bank Ltd, and Prestige Microfinance Bank. To add more to the list, Successory Nigeria Limited has set up NIRSAL Microfinance Bank, which is the largest Microfinance Bank in Nigeria. Within a period of six months, the company inaugurated more than a hundred branches and developed processes that offered the most innovative agricultural and rural solutions in the entire continent. Not only did SNL do this but it also transformed the Financial Inclusion Department from the Microfinance Unit of the Central Bank of Liberia.

The Journey of SNL – How Far the Company has Come!

Founded as a flagship company of the Global Knowledge Group, SNL has developed over the years, devising key national development finance endeavors for countries across the African continent, including Mozambique, Angola, Zambia, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Nigeria. Besides, the firm has done comprehensive work on building and implementing initiatives for multilateral and international agencies like IFAD, AfDB, FAO, and ILO. Apart from this, SNL has been able to set up 37 project offices for NIRSAL Plc within a short duration and offer the most comprehensive agricultural finance service in the continent. Presently, it has more than a thousand employees working on the payroll in tasks across Africa.

During the course of its existence, the company has meticulously chosen the team members, providing creative control, succession planning, competitive compensation, a highly facilitative working atmosphere, and the chance to create booming careers. It offers its staff the choice of being high-caliber individuals focused on delivering world-class projects that have a positive impact on the business environment and the economy on an extensive level.

The Vision – What Lays Ahead for SNL?

Successory Nigeria Limited is all set to become one of the global authorities in the business of offering top-notch enterprise development services internationally. The company will possess worldwide recognition and honor as the finest in the industry with experts and branches situated around the entire world. Currently a part of the top 5 companies in Nigeria and Africa, SNL aims to be enlisted in the top 10 consulting firms worldwide.

The higher authorities at SNL believe that the consulting firm will make unforgettable impressions across distinguished elements of the development finance and agricultural sector, resulting in a growth of leveraging on prospects in the digital world in such a manner that no crucial decisions will be made without the presence of SNL. Overall, the company hopes to persist to aid organizations in building strength and driving innovation.

Description: Successory Nigeria Limited is a consultancy firm that builds human capacities and develops strategies to aid organizations to grow and achieve stability.

Company Name: Successory Nigeria Limited
Founding Year: 2001
Office Locations: Constitution Road Kaduna and No. 54B, Abidjan Street, Wuse Zone III F.C.T, Abuja, Nigeria
Official Website of the company:
Name of the Featured Leader: Dr. Steve Olusegun Ogidan
Designation of the Leader: Managing Consultant/Chief Executive Officer

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