Target: Blending the best of the fashion with the best of the discount world

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Target has grown to be a friendly neighborhood store, not just across the country but around the globe. The target team has more than 350,000 team members across the globe, all working together for one important reason to help all families discover the joy of everyday life. The mission of the store is to keep the promise of surprises, fun, ease, and inspiration at every turn, no matter when, where, or how the customers’ shop. The quest to bring joy is at the center of every business decision, but what was the history behind this popular store?

In 1881, George D. Dayton, a native New Yorker set out to explore the growing Midwest markets. With his extensive experience in banking and real estate, Dayton decided that Minneapolis offers the strongest opportunity to grow. He then purchased the land on Nicollet Avenue and formed the Dayton Dry Goods Company—today, known as Target Corporation. The business has held a strong foothold since the 1900s, but adapting to change is the key to sustain for the long run. On May 9, 1961, The Dayton Company took a breakthrough decision to form a new discount store which will be the combination of the best of the fashion world with the best of the discount world, a quality store with quality merchandise at discount prices, and a discount supermarket, departments and all. This decision turned out to be revolutionary in terms of success and Target became the home to fashion, quality, and services with the low prices of the discounter.

Highlighting the of Smallest details

Target has a design for all and this is what distinguishes it from the pack. The goal is to make every family’s Target Run convenient, relevant, affordable, and packed with joyful experiences which they won’t find anywhere else. The leading retail brand believes that design means taking the expected and turning it into extraordinary. This applies to products, brands, or services in the store, curating everything aesthetically that meets the guests’ needs. In the past 20 years, Target has worked with over 175 design partners across the apparel, accessories, beauty, electronics, food and beverage, and home. It strives to deliver something joyful and surprising with every partnership.

Even the smallest details can make a big impact on people’s lives. Acknowledging this, the team is committed to designing products that meet diverse needs and creating experiences that make every guest feel inclusive. This approach has indeed made Target is proud to be one of the world’s most beloved brands, and it has made commitments across the business to guide the team in keeping that long legacy alive.

Committing to delivering the best experience

The commitment to deliver the best experience and bring people to ease and inspiration have been the key behind helping the brand take care of the employees and 350,000+ team members. This empowers them to make a difference in the world. Apart from this, the key differentiators that make the Target the choice of all is,

More for money: When one shops at Target, they expect more but pay less alongside the brand promise. It delivers the same i.e. quality brands and products they want at affordable prices along with ways to save more at every target store worldwide.
The best shopping experiences: Target is often addressed as a happy place for millions of customers. And over the years it has earned its reputation for a place that is easiest to shop, with the broadest range of fulfillment options in retail.
A healthy, happy, and valued team: The team is the heart of Target’s business and the company equally invests in opportunities to grow the careers of these employees and take care of themselves and their families, making a difference for the guests and their communities.
A brighter future: As a good neighbor and global partner, Target is committed to serving and strengthening the communities where the stores operate, putting the needs of people, communities, and the planet at the heart of how it works today to help build a better tomorrow.

The vision is to co-create an equitable and regenerative future together with the guests, partners, and communities. This initiative is called Target Forward-leveraging the size and scale to benefit people, the planet, and the business.

Sustainability efforts for the Future

Target takes a holistic view of sustainability with efforts focused on the business driving a positive impact for both people and the planet. Sustainability efforts are part of an interconnected system, where actions to help address climate, restore natural systems and drive opportunity and equity for the teams, communities, and partners impact and reinforce one another to create change that is good for all.

“We know sustainability is tied to business resiliency and growth, and that our size and scale can drive change that is good for all. Target Forward influences every corner of our business, deepens our collaboration with our partners, and builds on our past efforts to ensure a better future for generations to come.” Brian Cornell Chairman and CEO of Target.

In 2020, Target formed a Racial Equity Action and Change (REACH) committee and accelerated the retailer’s work to create racial equity for Black team members, guests, and communities. REACH builds on 15 years of progress in creating a diverse workforce, and setting diversity and inclusion goals for Target’s team and business. Target Forward builds on this work and is continually working toward these commitments and sets new goals to accelerate the ambitions and drive for additional change that is good for all.

Dynamic Purpose-driven Leader

Brian Cornell is the dynamic leader behind Target’s growth in American retail. Based in Minneapolis, Target has more than 1,900 stores covering all 50 American states, a headquartered location in India, and global supply chain and sourcing offices. Under his leadership, he is overseeing Target’s purpose-driven team of more than 350,000+ works daily to help all families discover the joy of everyday life.

Brian became part of Target in 2014, and swiftly established a strategic direction that was built on the company’s strengths as a multi-category mass merchandiser with an excellent reputation for its shopping experience, design expertise, brand curation, and brand development. He and his team made enormous investments in digital, data, and supply chain capabilities, placing the company’s fleet of popular stores at the center both of physical shopping and digital stores. The 2017 acquisition of Shipt catapulted Target into a leadership position in same-day, store-based fulfillment services, driving the company’s strongest growth trends in its 60-year history.

Brian spearheaded vast investments in wages, benefits, team training and development, diverse and equitable representation, and a corporate culture that helps all team members care, grow, and win together. Target’s committed to creating a better future for all. And as the COVID-19 pandemic continues and the vaccine rollout gains momentum, Target is teaming up with local, national, and global organizations and investing $5 million to help more communities have access to a COVID-19 vaccine.

Quote: “From the products we sell to the way we build our stores and supply chain, we are putting innovative solutions in place across our business to leave the planet better for future families.”

Brian Cornell, Board Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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