TheHumanGrowth (HUG): Putting Well-being at the Heart of the Corporate Avenue

The Human Growth

The notion of physical and mental well-being in industrial space is one of the least talked-about topics. However, with changing times, employee and leader well-being has become a high priority in the corporate space. In fact, modern leaders are presently advocating and being vocal about well-being being a vital aspect of leadership. In such scenarios, several companies are emerging in the industrial landscape by offering talks and coaches on maintaining the assurance of corporate well-being.

Pushing the well-being strategy at the heart of the corporate, TheHumanGrowth is working diligently towards making well-being a crucial factor in companies. An acronym for ‘HUG’, the company is created to provide well-being for people in organizations in a different way. HUG is the brainchild of Arnold Migan (CEO) who ideated the company after encountering a rather painful episode. In 2006, when Arnold was working for a major French company, he expressed the desire to join the NEOMA BS EMBA—a course that would allow him to develop a real sense of management. Simultaneously, he was participating in several sports activities since he loved the idea of a challenge.

The Human Growth

Juggling between a full-time job and busy work weeks with weekend classes while giving up on his sports and extra-professional activities resulted in a heavy workload and further stress which later manifested itself physically. As a result, he woke up to a completely paralyzed face one morning which was a real shock for him. It was that very moment when Arnold ideated HUG which is solely dedicated to well-being in the workplace to give meaning to the importance of people in the business world. Currently, he spearheads the company as the leader and contributes to its further growth.

Rejuvenating Work-life Quality

Established in 2018, HUG offers companies the opportunity to improve the quality of life of their employees at work and their overall performance. The company achieves its mission by organizing practical workshops: soft mobility, relaxation, nutrition, sleep, management of mental workload, management of emotions, or interpersonal communication. Today, HUG has revolutionized the notion of a 20-minute ‘well-being break’. The company’s objective is to enable employees to take time to ‘take care’ of themselves for periods that are equivalent to that of a coffee break. It organizes workshops that are ingeniously designed by experts and specialists of the team.

In simple words, HUG comprises a multidisciplinary team whose expertise covers all dimensions of well-being. These are:

  • The body, with soft mobility exercises, prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (muscle awakening, yoga, massage, reflexology, and others)

  • The mind, with sessions dedicated to the prevention of psychosocial risks (sophrology, meditation, stress management, and others)

  • Nutrition, thanks to health and performance advice workshops

Sleep (relaxation, micro-nap, recovery, and others)

Comprehensive Approach to Well-being

HUG’s offer has been crafted to be adaptable to every context. With a team of experts who are spearheaded by Arnold, the company proposes a tailor-made solution that is adapted to each organization. Its solutions are designed in such a way that time does not pose an obstacle and is easily applicable and accessible to all. Moreover, the activities designed by HUG do not require an individual to be dressed in sportswear or a specific infrastructure.

HUG has two impactful and result-oriented approaches. Firstly, its well-being workshops are related to health prevention and physical as well as mental well-being. Under this, adapted physical activities and relaxation in work clothes are conducted for a short 20-minutes break. Secondly, its skills workshops, which are related to self-development, interpersonal relationships, and managerial postures, contribute to improving the quality of life at work. The themes of these workshops are designed based on the issues of an individual.

Led by Visionaries

The team of HUG is guided by the visionary Arnold. Being at the company’s forefront, Arnold caters to its missions and ensures delegating his duties efficiently. As the leader, he undertakes several important responsibilities and ensures the company’s constant success and development. Coming from a dual engineering school-business background, Arnold has spent decades as a senior manager in multinationals and managed teams from various countries. These experiences reinforce his conviction that human relations are essential within the company and need to be nurtured like all relationships.

With its impactful services and solutions, HUG has been successfully catering to its customers to date. For its meaningful mission and strategic vision, the company has been recognized with several awards and accolades. In 2019, HUG’s Well-Being Breaks won the QVT Trophy, a Gold winner in the “best health prevention approach in the workplace” category. Moreover, the company’s concept of combining human and digital for the well-being of teams is highly appreciated.

A plethora of Impactful Initiatives

To date, HUG has launched several impactful initiatives. In 2020, the company had launched digital with solidarity workshops offered live and online during the 1st confinement. With more than 5,000 participants, the success is resounding as companies have been quickly adopting the programs offered to support employees wherever they are (office or telecommuting).

In 2021, the company had organized over 300 workshops which were nearly held over videoconferences in French as well as the English language. Owing to its services and comprehensive solutions, HUG has been recognized as the leader of the French market for its digital workshops related to the management of the mental load of employees by several media platforms.

Aiming for Further Implementation and Proliferation

Today, Arnold and his teams continue digitalization and have also launched an online platform that allows HR and managers to easily manage well-being activities led by experts live. On this medium, employees can also find practical content that can be used 24 hours a day, such as videos, files, and podcasts. The company envisions discovering other novelties such as personal development, mental preparation, inter-company exchange groups, and many more.

HUG’s latest avenues of development include the creation of specific support on human relations, interpersonal skills, and how to take care of others and work on their interactions. The company also aims to make the implementation of mental preparation programs, such as those for top-level athletes, accessible to all and adapted to everyone’s needs.

How to become one of the leading companies in the industry?

With HUG, Arnold aims to help workers in companies to feel better, to cultivate their well-being and their know-how for a better quality of life at work, in-office, or even in remote spaces. To achieve his aim, he relies on three pillars—short times, easy-to-access solutions, and an adapted budget. Currently, Arnold is pursuing his dream project and prospering completely with HUG. He further aims to finance an association for the prevention of burnout and a sports association for people with disability.

The Human Growth

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