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The travel industry has witnessed several ups and downs in recent years—especially the 2020 COVID-19 crisis. However, Trawick International proved to be standalone in the industry. Throughout this crisis, Trawick International has stood alongside its most important asset—the customers, by providing them with industry-leading travel insurance plans amid the pandemic. Established in 1998, Trawick International solely focused on insurance for international students coming to the United States. Initially, the organization was focused on providing student Insurance to Universities, Independent Students, Scholars, and International Student and Study Abroad programs to students traveling outside of their home country. After a decade, Trawick International diversified the business and pivoted to the travel sector, and began offering Travel Insurance plans to clients from around the world.

With the growth of the travel industry, Trawick parallel to the growth evolved and upgraded the offerings and provided new and innovative insurance products to the clients. “I am extremely proud of the diversified products we offer to our customers and look forward to implementing new and innovative products the industry has never seen before,” says Daryl Trawick, the Founder, and CEO of Trawick International.

Innovative Portfolio of Products

Daryl founded Trawick International with an initial goal to provide the customers with the best product they could afford. Through the 23 years of journey, he and his team of experts have strived to meet the goal every day. Today, Trawick is a full-service travel insurance administrator and claims provider specializing in protecting travelers of all types worldwide. It offers various international and domestic travel insurance plans and researches groundbreaking products and ideas for travelers everywhere.

Trawick offers an extensive worldwide network of quality physicians, hospitals, and pharmacies as well as individually customized plans. It also offers political evacuation benefits that cover everything from natural disasters to political unrest. There are several insurance products and services that are designed to meet the customer requirements, such as:

Trip Protection and Travel Medical For U.S. Citizens, U.S. Residents, and Non-U.S. Citizens

Annual Travel Trip Protection
Travel Medical For International Students, Faculty, Scholars, Visitors, and Immigrants
Student Medical For International Students, Faculty and Scholars
Products For Individuals, Families, Groups, Organizations, and Employers
Adventure Travel Insurance
Optional Accidental Death and Dismemberment and Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR)

Keeping innovation at the center of what they do, the team of Trawick International, launched the SafeTreker adventure insurance in 2020—a product that is mainly focused on adventure travelers and their unique needs. Additionally, it also launched Tailgate insurance, which is the industry’s first insurance product to cover prepaid expenses associated with the customer’s sporting or concert event.

Swift to Develop Solutions

Trawick International prioritizes the customer needs and creates and develops every product based on the customer’s feedback. “Our team goes to great lengths to be a customer-centric organization that is always looking to implement new products and services,” asserts Daryl.

The team understands that anything can go wrong while traveling. This is why Trawick offers Travel Assistance which is available 24×7. Through this portal, it offers immediate online policy issue and personalized ID cards. Additionally, it also inhibits the convenient chat feature where the customer is assisted by a live agent who can answer the questions or help the customers make decisions regarding the plans and products. This combination of personal and professional service has been one of the major aspects which set Trawick apart from other providers.

The team is agile and swift to develop a solution to address the challenges. A recent instance of their agility is Costa Rica’s newly implemented travel regulations. These regulations were not being covered by existing travel insurance products in the market of U.S. and international travelers who wished to visit Costa Rica. The team swiftly reacted to the situation and worked with the insurance carrier to modify the existing travel insurance plans to comply with these new regulations for U.S. and international travelers.

Deeply rooted collaborating culture

Trawick’s culture is deeply rooted in collaboration. Daryl states that people fail to realize there are a lot of moving parts to this organization. As a leader, he ensures that the team works together to meet the goal of the company i.e. to provide the best possible experience to the customers. Regardless of it being the sales process or the claims process, the team has to work in unison towards a common goal, and Daryl’s team is has proven that they are the best in meeting their goals.

Amidst the chaos, the team was motivated to deliver their best and aid their customers—especially in these tough times. Recently, the team launched a new division of Trawick International called Tuman Global Solutions. This division focuses on providing property and casualty insurance to organizations operating globally and providing expatriates with insurance products to protect them while working abroad. The crisis did not affect the team’s morale and Daryl is very proud of what they have achieved by far.

Agility and Diligence

Trawick International has been recognized as one of the best companies of 2021. The organization has continually risen to success since its inception. Its ability to pivot as dictated by the customers has separated Trawick from its competitors. Daryl adds, “I like to use the analogy that we are a PT boat, very fast and agile and can change direction quickly compared to an Aircraft Carrier that cannot be as agile.”

Daryl started his business in 1998 with a different focus and pivoted the company as soon as he saw an opportunity. The aspiring entrepreneurs must understand that creating a successful business is not a sprint but a marathon. Success does not happen overnight, but by working day in and out to achieve greatness continuously.

Quote: “Trawick strives to offer plans that not only meet those needs but exceed the expectations of our clients.”

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