Identity Digital: Helping Businesses and Individuals Build, Market, and Own Digital Identities

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Today, digital success begins with a great website, starting with the right domain name. Although domain names, like all other aspects of SEO and online marketing, are not a quick path to success, they are a key building block of a good website. Not prioritizing your domain name or choosing the wrong one for your website can negatively impact your brand and business success.

Picking the right domain can be tricky, especially since many ‘.com’ versions are already taken. Offering individuals and organizations authentic and relevant domain names, Identity Digital helps them express their digital identities with new top-level domains (TLDs). The company empowers business and individuals to make every word and letter in their domain name count and express their uniqueness from the very first impression.

Leveraging Digital Space for Digital Identity

Headquartered in Bellevue, WA, Identity Digital (formerly Donuts Inc.) was founded at a time when there was a finite amount of digital real estate, although the internet was expanding. Identity Digital seized this expansion opportunity when ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) broadened the internet to include more generic top-level domains (gTLDs) in 2010. In this way, the company was created to democratize the internet—to expand and connect the online world with domain names and related technologies that allow people to build, market, and own their digital identities. “Everyone should have real estate on the internet with an address they feel good about,” says Akram J. Atallah, who currently spearheads Identity Digital as its CEO and pivots the company to great heights.

Vast Portfolio of TLDs

Identity Digital manages the world’s most extensive and relevant portfolio of next-gen TLDs. It offers individuals and organizations new ways to promote and enhance a more authentic digital identity. The company has TLDs in various categories, ranging from business identifiers (.ltd, .company) to navigation (.careers, .support, .social), vertical markets (.photography, .cafe, or .games), and generic terms (.life, .world or .live).

What also distinguishes Identity Digital from the rest is the added layer of security that comes with its domain names for protecting customers from phishing attacks. As a result, customers’ brand identity remains safe. Identity Digital’s domains include a robust security technology that blocks domain imposters before they strike at no additional cost to the buyer. This proactive protection, called homographic blocking, prevents the registration of fraudulent lookalike domain names that substitute letters or numbers with characters from Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic script tables—undetectable to the naked eye—to be used for phishing attacks or other malicious activity.

An Extensively Popular Option

Identity Digital domains are increasingly popular, especially with entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses that seek to stand out from the competition with forward-thinking and agile brand positioning.

One of the first decisions an entrepreneur needs to make before launch is choosing both a business name and a domain name that fit each other. Descriptive domain names are key in making that happen. Identity Digital allows entrepreneurs to choose from over 270 unique options among descriptive domain extensions to help them express their authentic digital identity.

Leveraging keyword-rich descriptive domains that are industry-specific, short, and easy to remember helps express the uniqueness of an entrepreneur’s business via a customer’s very first impression using both sides of the dot. For instance, is all about beauty, creativity, and self-expression through unique headwraps, and is a subscription service that invites customers to “drift away” in their morning coffee ritual.

These descriptive domain names are also connected to brand identity and set up for high SEO impact. Identity Digital’s domain names leverage meaningful keywords words that send a strong signal to search engines making them rank higher in the search results. This means more clicks, more leads, and more customers.

Bradley Nehring, co-founder of, explains, “We rank number one with our .travel domain, so it’s not surprising that the number of hits to the site has increased tremendously.”

Bestowed with Success and Recognition

Identity Digital has been awarded various accolades and recognition due to its distinguished array of offerings and business success. One of the most prestigious awards was making the 2021 & 2022 Inc. 5000 List. “We expect this to demonstrate the worldwide success of descriptive domains and accelerate their adoption and use,” says Akram.

He continues, “A few of the most important factors for our success are resilience and adaptability. These qualities allowed us to turn the challenges of the past two years into remarkable growth numbers.” Exemplary dedication to the customers in matters small and large is also key, and perhaps (most importantly), collaboration. Akram further adds.“That is why we create trustworthy and mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers, employees, and customers.”

Triumphing as a Challenger Brand

As a challenger brand, Identity Digital seeks to educate its customers about the importance of authentic and relevant digital identities. Its domains can offer customers more choices, availability, and relevancy.

Previously, when business owners decided on their business name, they often found out all the best legacy domain names were already taken. As a result, they often compromised with a less than perfect name. One of the biggest challenges faced by Identity Digital was getting the message across that they don’t need to compromise. Instead, they can find better options with more availability and fewer limitations using descriptive TLDs.

Anticipating Future Proliferations

From the start, Identity Digital has helped individuals and organizations leverage their authentic and unique digital identities. The company plans to continue expanding its portfolio to provide many more choices for all kinds of businesses. This way, companies can find the most relevant domain names possible without compromising with a name that is not authentic to their business identity.

What’s more, Identity Digital prioritizes security and will always stay updated on new cybercrime developments to keep customers safe. The company never ceases to seek what’s on the horizon. As customers’ needs evolve with the changing digital landscape, Identity Digital is constantly innovating, researching, and investing in developing the solutions required in the future.

How to become one of the leading companies in the industry?

For a company to truly stand out, you must be good at everything—how you treat your employees, customers, suppliers, and product. There must be success in the entire ecosystem—not just for the self or the company alone. “At Identity Digital, I strive for this—and we strive for it as a company,” concludes Akram.

“We seek to inspire individuals everywhere to own their uncompromised digital identity through choice, reliability and availability.”