U.S. Oral Surgery Management: Offering Oral Surgeons a Partnership Solution for Enhanced Practice Success

Established in 2017, U.S. Oral Surgery Management (USOSM) was the first company of its kind. Its founders saw a demand in the marketplace for a shared-services organization dedicated exclusively to oral and maxillofacial surgeons. With this in mind, they created USOSM with an important mission: to partner with premier oral and maxillofacial surgeons to help them enhance their clinical missions and their successes – both today and tomorrow – for the benefit of all.

This mission continues to guide USOSM today, under the leadership of Richard J. Hall, USOSM President and CEO. The organization is located in Irving, Texas, with partner practices in 25 states. 

Meet the Dynamic Leader

Richard has more than four decades of knowledge and executive experience in Fortune 500 and private healthcare services companies, enabling him to provide USOSM with powerful visionary leadership and strong strategic execution. A former U.S. Marine, Richard has an ideal combination of organization, discipline, leadership skills, and wisdom to help companies reach their goals.

He joined USOSM in February 2018 and has shepherded the company through its early growth. Before joining USOSM, he served as President and CEO of Oncology Services International, the world’s largest independent service organization specializing in radiation therapy equipment. 

Richard began his career with American Hospital Supply, a company well respected for developing healthcare services leaders. In addition, he has served in many healthcare leadership positions, including President of Alliance Oncology; Senior Vice President of Business Development, Marketing, and Physician Recruitment for US Oncology; COO of PatientKeeper; President of Acute Care at McKesson Corporation; and Owner/Chairman of BrightStar Care. 

Currently, as the CEO, Richard’s job is to ensure that USOSM constantly adheres to its mission. He motivates the team to work toward common goals and achieve desired outcomes. He oversees USOSM’s strategic direction and makes sure the organization focuses on the key drivers of success.

Providing Essential Services

Founded in November of 2017, USOSM is a shared-services organization that supports the industry’s top oral and maxillofacial surgeons. USOSM provides services like staffing and HR support, accounting, IT management, vendor negotiation, marketing, compliance support, operational improvements, financial support, and much more

 Building a Legacy

The early days of any business can be challenging in and of themselves, especially when the company is the first of its kind. 

From the beginning, USOSM chose to see this challenge as an opportunity to set the industry standard for how things should be done, and it has certainly created its unique presence. It has set a high standard of excellence in its industry and intends to continue building that legacy. One of the ways USOSM has done this, is by being a company of integrity – staying true to what it believes in and always sticking to its word.

Richard states, “We’ve always had a clear vision for who and what we wanted to be. Our mission is the everyday extension of this vision. Everyone at USOSM keeps that vision and that mission in mind, and this helps us to continue moving in the right direction.”

 Right now, one of the biggest challenges USOSM sees involves the labor market, particularly the availability of quality labor and the rates for that labor. Richard notes that post-pandemic, many people in the workforce have changed what drives them, as it relates to their work-life balance, and that’s caused employers to adjust as well. 

As an organization, USOSM is continually looking at ways that it can engage its employees better and make sure that it is staying abreast of the market, as it relates not only to compensation, but also to other things that this workforce will find attractive. This enables USOSM to continue to recruit, retain, and motivate high-quality people

 A Trusted, Guiding Force

Being an oral and maxillofacial surgeon at the top of one’s game is only part of the equation for success. Competition is increasing, while business operations are getting more complex, making it harder for surgeons and their practices to survive and thrive. 

“Becoming part of our network not only provides our partners with the scalability and security needed to outpace market uncertainty, but also gives our partners growth opportunities not found elsewhere. In addition, they’re able to spend more time focused on patient care and participate as an owner in our shared-services organization,” adds Richard. 

Absolute Dedication

USOSM collaborates with premier oral and maxillofacial surgeons to offer a partnership solution for continued and accelerated practice success. It provides operational, marketing, and administrative support services, reinvests resources, and applies best practices to improve clinical and financial performance and produce steadier, more profitable growth for all.

 Above all else, USOSM puts oral and maxillofacial surgeons and their patients first. This is one of the core values USOSM was founded on. Clinical excellence and exceptional patient care continue to be guiding principles and a point of differentiation — USOSM surgeon partners retain 100% clinical autonomy throughout the partnership.

World-Class Net Promoter Scores

USOSM’s partner practices consistently receive a net promoter score (NPS) of 80 or above, which is considered world-class by Bain & Company, one of the NPS founders. The average NPS for the healthcare industry as a whole is 58, and the average NPS for healthcare providers in general, is around 38.

Working Together

USOSM has an experienced, seasoned executive management team and a highly skilled and dedicated administrative support team. Each person is invaluable to its current and continued success.

 At USOSM, everyone works together as a team toward shared success. That includes everyone at USOSM, as well as its surgeon partner practices, which are spread out across 25 states. Each person is committed to clinical excellence and exceptional patient care. USOSM even has a dedicated Clinical Governance Board for additional support. 

Standing Tall

USOSM is an industry trailblazer. It is a one-of-a-kind company that continues to lead the industry today with the largest and fastest-growing network of oral and maxillofacial surgeon partners, nationwide. 

It only partners with board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons. Its partners are true industry leaders. They’re experts in clinical excellence and exceptional patient care.

USOSM is a business expert. The organization takes care of all the behind-the-scenes business details, freeing up its surgeon partners, so they can focus on patient care. This can result in better patient care, increased patient satisfaction, improved cash flow, improved work-life balance for surgeon partners, and much more.

 Another factor that makes USOSM unique is its equity model. When oral and maxillofacial surgeons partner with USOSM, they receive a substantial equity stake in the entire USOSM network. This means all 180+ of USOSM’s surgeon partners across 25 states are working together toward shared financial success.

 In addition, it has a 100% surgeon partner retention rate, which speaks volumes about the quality of USOSM and the satisfaction of its partners.

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