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During the unprecedented crisis of COVID-19, one of the most discussed topics has been digital transformation.

Experts in Social Housing and the NHS have been busy debating how certain situations businesses are facing could be avoided if they would have adopted the digital tools earlier. Few believe that traditional business practices should be continued. Amongst the differing opinions, the main conclusion to be drawn is businesses are indeed struggling to sustain the fallout from the pandemic. Now more than ever, businesses need a digital transformation partner that can help find a hybrid approach to both traditional and digital business operations.

VerseOne is an experienced and reliable partner for any organisation looking to embrace digital transformation within their business. With a range of specific products and services that provide cutting-edge digital transformation solutions to the NHS, Social Housing, and the wider market, VerseOne’s range of digital tools can be tailored to any individual businesses needs.

For those businesses who are looking to emerge from the pandemic on the front foot VerseOne is uniquely positioned to help guide their digital plans, with a range of specialist digital solutions, and in-depth knowledge of housing and healthcare sectors.

With its own AI Engine and intelligent API integration layer, known as Autevo, VerseOne’s Digital Experience Management Platform allows customers to combine all relevant data as well as user-related information to build a “persona profile” which can drive behaviour and decision making, allowing users to turn content into meaningful information.

Distinctive Among Competitors

VerseOne caters to customers in the NHS, Social Housing, and Local Government providing several key digital products and services. All these solutions are secure, fully integration-ready, and optimized for multichannel smart device delivery.

 Currently, the VerseOne’s product portfolio comprises of a suite of digital tools including its Digital Experience Management (VerseOne CMS), Process Automation and AI (VerseOne BPA), Business Systems Integration (VerseOne Autevo), and Communications and Collaboration (Vocoll).

VerseOne is also able to deliver a custom-made digital strategy and implementation plan for customers looking to integrate any digital solution within their own systems.

These strategies are tailored according to the customer needs to help them in leading the market they operate in. moreover, VerseOne is awarded the ISO27001 Certification for Cyber Essentials and has held the ISO9001:2015 Certification for the last 8 years.

As the IP owner of all its products, VerseOne has no reliance on third-party technology or licences for its services, allowing it to to customize its solutions without needing lengthy authorisation or approval from external companies.

The company also enables end-user empowerment—be it patients sin a healthcare setting or customers—the end-user has the freedom to choose how, when, or where the company can access the information required to make better and informed decisions. “There is a focus on the best collaboration, productivity, and decision support tools to deliver exemplar customer experience,” said Alan Neilson, Executive chairman at VerseOne.

Chief Strategist behind the Success

Alan Neilson has been the brain behind VerseOne’s current and long-range strategies and how these strategies will be executed to maximize the company’s growth. Under Alan’s leadership, the team has been successful in delivering innovative and value for money solutions to the customers.

Alan has completed his bachelor’s of Science in computer studies and was a former CEO and one of the founding directors of Royalblue Technologies plc (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Royalblue Group plc—now Fidessa group plc, FDSA.L).

With a career spanning three decades, Alan has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the sector, and has leveraged all his know-how from the founding of RoyalBlue to allow VerseOne to grow from a small start-up into a dynamic provider of digital technologies and take leading advisory roles in several other start-up and early stage IT and technology companies.

Alan promotes an innovative culture, allowing every employee to think outside of the box and equally contribute to the strategies. He believes that nurturing a culture of innovation accompanies a preloaded advantage of improved employee engagement and better solutions to business challenges. VerseOne equally welcomes suggestions and ideas not just from the employees but also from the customer, stakeholders, or partners. Equal collaboration allows everyone to exercise initiative and execute it. Alan adds, “Fundamentally, we do not believe in or practice micro-management: with the right culture and processes in place, people and customers can be both creative and innovative within a framework of quality and collaboration.”

Promoting Philanthropy

Apart from being a proficient entrepreneur, Alan is an aspiring amateur explorer and mountaineer. It is important for entrepreneurs to have a hobby to pursue beyond the work life. Alan is not only pursuing his hobby but also has managed to connect these short trips with philanthropic initiatives. As an explorer, he gets an opportunity to visit the remotest villages and underdeveloped parts of the world. “I am a strong believer of making a positive and tangible difference to people’s lives, be it in a business or a personal setting,” said Alan.

As an intrepid adventurer Alan has led a number of expeditions to help good causes and raise money for charities. Expeditions include overland treks to map areas of both the North and South Pole, traverse Greenland from North to South and climb several of the world’s highest peaks. Far from solely seeking out cold climates, Alan has also trekked across the Atacama Desert, with his efforts to raise oney for charity.

Alan also encourages his staff, if they so wish, to seek out similar adventures, he says: “These activities are great levellers and can connect you with the very essence and basics of life and seeing humans at their best, whilst offering opportunities for true collaboration as well as time for clear thinking.”

Prepared for Future

Digitalization is now the key to survival. In the coming years, AI & ML and automation, combined with IoT will deliver precise data-based and personalized solutions. Alan believes that proper adoption of technology, combined with effective virtualization would offer great flexibility and security for the businesses.

With the advent of COVID-19, the question on digital transformation was erased and virtual platforms became the need of the hour. This crisis did pave a path for the tech revolutions, like wearable combined with telehealth will offer enormous opportunities for proactive and cost-effective anytime and anyplace health care—especially for undeveloped regions. Moreover, people have realized that businesses can be operated remotely and virtually with the power of digital solutions. Intelligent work hubs (intranets) are being used more effectively and are now seen as more business-critical tools.

The economic disruption we are undergoing could’ve been mitigated if the digital tools were more familiarized. As a first-hand experience, Alan shared that digital tools have been the key in dealing with severe restrictions and overcoming the challenges.

Even in the post-pandemic world businesses of all shapes and sizes will have to re-think their approach towards digital tools. Due to the pandemic, businesses now are equipped with digital tools—though temporarily—but to wave away such challenges in the future it is important to swiftly adapt to digital solutions. “I strongly believe in the power of human ingenuity to use any situation as a catalyst for positive change,” said Alan. The pandemic may prove as the much-needed push towards the digital revolution and together we can only hope for the best.

Refrain from the ‘not in my backyard’ approach

Alan quotes, “The pandemic was a “black swan” event which caught the world by surprise and in the end, human ingenuity and endeavor have prevailed and hopefully we are coming through it. What it has beautifully illustrated is how interconnected the world really is and one of the biggest lessons has to be for us to take a global approach especially in areas such as the environment and inequalities around the world. Taking a ‘not in my backyard’ approach is bad for everyone.”

Quote: “VerseOne offers a comprehensive range of world-class services from strategy to creative, and digital marketing to professional services – all geared to drive the success of your business.”

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