VillageMD : Offering Consistent and Coordinated Personal Care Healthcare Service 

Amongst several other factors such as better infrastructure, quality education­­- better healthcare facility plays a vital role in transforming human lifestyles. Throughout the years, it is witnessed that people have spent the majority of their income on healthcare services. Also, since the outbreak of COVID-19, the healthcare industry has directed itself towards offering better quality healthcare services. Consumers today are more aware than before that includes their reach of various healthcare services at their fingertips.

The first half of the year 2021 has been one of the exciting as well as the most challenging times for both consumers and healthcare services providers. Incepted in 2013, VillageMD is one of the leading companies that has been able to cater to the current needs of consumers and the healthcare market.


Fulfilling The Hippocratic Oath

The Journey of VillageMD started with three founders, Tim Barry, (Co-Founder and CEO, Clive Fields), MD (Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer), and Paul Martino (Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer) who came together with a drive to fundamentally transform the trajectory of healthcare. The trio aims to transform the industry by leveraging a clinical model that would anchor around primary care physicians, giving them the tools and resources needed to fulfill their Hippocratic oath to care for patients to the best of their ability.

Since its inception, VillageMD thrives to deliver consistent, coordinated, and personal care healthcare services to all its patients at a lower cost. To achieve this noble act, the company partnered with physicians to provide the tools, technology, operations, staffing support, and industry relationships to deliver high-quality clinical care and better patient outcomes in both a fee-for-service and value-based care environment. The company promises to offer coordinated and cost-effective care infinitely.

In continuation of its vision, VillageMD leveraged its extensive clinical experience, tapped into the healthcare leader community, and surrounded ourselves with outstanding partners, advisors, and investors. This solidarity has helped the company to grow and through its subsidiary Village Medical, it has become one of the leading, national providers of value-based primary care services.

Village Medical Brand

The Village Medical brand provides primary care for patients at traditional free-standing clinics. Customers can visit its co-located clinics at Walgreens and also have the option to access it via primary care in the home and virtual visits through a proprietary technology solution. One of the primary features that make Village Medical such an important stepping stone is its accessibility. It places practices in highly accessible neighborhood locations, where patients and providers live and work. Moreover, the offices have been designed in such a way that it provides comfort and conveniences for both patients and practitioners. The integration of the latest technology allows the practitioners to create an easy clinic workflow and provide an optimal experience to the patient. The Village Medical brand offers a fair and transparent compensation model with a compelling and comprehensive benefits offering. Secondly, it promotes a physician-driven community where every physician is heard. Furthermore, the support offered by the team is world-class which is integrated with the streamlined operational process and advanced technology. This makes Village Medical Brand more accessible to the patient. Lastly, it takes pride in constantly educating and developing a leadership team.

Independent Primary Care Providers

Alignment with independent primary care providers as partners, VillageMD has been successful in offering more value-based healthcare services. The team offers support to the locals through its national resources and expertise. Alongside, the providers are provided with the required tools to practice and perform. This allows them to focus on taking care of their patient. VillageMD Affiliate Providers with benefits such as Independence and a level of autonomy over your practice, Market-leading risk-based contracts, and People, process, technology, and capital to enable your success in value-based care.

Transforming Healthcare System

Currently, the healthcare system is undergoing various changes. The transformation requires healthcare providers such as VillageMD. The company is supporting the healthcare system by enhancing its network capabilities. The support offered by it helps both employed and affiliated providers to transform healthcare across the healthcare system. It aims to build a comprehensive strategy where it partners with the health system that is based on success in risk and shared savings contracts. Also, it pursues narrow network payor contracts and direct employer relationships to simultaneously enhance market share. The core to this strategy is enhancing the capabilities of the primary care networks and demonstrating high-quality clinical and cost outcomes—which are enabled through VillageMD’s model.

A Perfect Place For Creators, Innovators, And Visionaries

The co-founding trio is passionate and ambitious to transform the healthcare industry since its inception. Along with the management team, the team at VillageMD is diverse and is filled with some of the most curious, determined, mission-driven individuals. The team believes in working together challenging the status quo. The company is a perfect place for creators, innovators, and visionaries who are driven to get stuff done and make the healthcare system better for everyone.

In the healthcare industry, primary care providers play a most important role in delivering the proper healthcare services. To channelize the services, VillageMD has designed, built, and scaled an operating system, docOS™, that enables better patient care. It allows to connect and integrates over a thousand clinical sources system with ongoing patient-generated data. Furthermore, its AI engine constantly analyzes hundreds of millions of messages to truly enable patient self-care, better clinical decision making, and the best use of primary care modality whether virtual, in the clinic, or the home.

The team of experts

Today, data is available in abundance but utilizing the data is difficult as it requires a team of experts. The Healthcare industry is presently undergoing several changes which demand a team of experts such as VillageMD who can offer analytics centers and data experts have deep expertise in integrating clinical and claims data for a more complete picture of patient populations. This benefits the practices in machine learning, building predictive models, and developing thousands of algorithms that yield meaningful insights on their patient populations. VillageMD provides resources to help physicians identify the most important care needs through analytics and supports the practice while turning insights into action at the point of care.

Quote:  “The VillageMD care management team helps me become a more efficient doctor and address all patient needs, including social, financial, and cultural issues that I would never be able to do all on my own.”

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