VOOPOO: A World Leader In Manufacturing Innovative Vape Technology


In the last few years, we have moved towards highly fast-paced lives where we are eager to achieve better lives. This current lifestyle has drastically affected health. Today, there are two universal beliefs of mankind that include the pursuit and desire for better and healthier lives. This is where the atomization industry comes into the picture helping people to seek a healthier lifestyle. Founded in 2017, VOOPOO has been fortunate to see many users transition from traditional tobacco dependence to vaping products, and indeed help them get rid of the health hazards associated with traditional tobacco. There are still some companies in the industry whose primary objective is profit, and their non-compliance has caused some harm to the industry. However, with the development of industry standards and the gradual introduction of regulations supervising the industry, the future market potential is massive. 


At present, with the introduction of more standardized and stricter legal systems in various countries, the atomization industry has become more and more regulated, and the threshold of entry has become higher and higher. This has hindered or even eliminated some companies who have been right at the margins of legality and who step over the policy red lines, but at the same time, has also allowed the industry to reinvent itself and embark on a more healthy and robust development path.

Since its inception, VOOPOO has made it its mission to maintain the stability and healthy development of the industry. In addition to strict compliance with national policies and regulations, it also participates in the development of industry rules and standards and makes its contributions and efforts in the field of atomization for all participating companies.

Products rich in Creativity & Vitality

VOOPOO has rapidly risen to global acclaim in a short period with its DRAG series products. It has focused on building two core technology platforms [chip] and [atomization]. The company has creatively developed chips such as GENE.FAN, GENE.AI, and GENE.TT. VOOPOO has four major product lines—DRAG, VINCI, ARGUS, and V. VOOPOO not only focuses on large distributors, but also considers sub-distributors, wholesalers, and retailers as its partners, helping them to sell faster and better, as well as achieving the best commercial returns. It aims to continually develop more markets in more countries in the future, leading to expand the geographical reach of the products and become one of the most influential global brands. VOOPOO will soon establish branches in key markets such as the USA, UK, France, and Indonesia, where it will build local teams to provide the local partners and customers with a faster and better response.

Meeting the customers’ needs, VOOPOO maintains a strong focus on its core technology development and the creation of high-quality products. It is committed to providing products rich in creativity and vitality to meet the diverse needs of users and enrich the taste experience. In 2020, VOOPOO’s DRAG X and DRAG S products broke global sales records, with their advanced GENE FAN chip technology, PnP, and TPP platforms that brought high atomization efficiency and taste reduction to the market. They were widely loved and appreciated by consumers, winning THE BEST VAPE BRAND of 2020 from EECICLICK, one of the world’s largest vape media websites.

Leading From the Front

VOOPOO has been constantly awarded and recognized due to innovation. The company believes that innovation has been one of the driving forces behind the development. “Only a spirit of innovation can ensure that a company has a strong competitive edge when facing massive market competition, ensure that the company’s foundations will be everlasting and that it will not be driven from the market,” states Everest, Founder, and CEO of VOOPOO, vice president of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee, China Electronics . 

Everest has been deeply engaged in medical and industrial control industries for 15 years. He focuses on technological R&D and innovative development of the electronic atomization industry and continuously invests in many high-tech enterprises. VOOPOO has won many brand honors such as 2020 The Best Vape Brand by ECIGCLICK, The Top 10 Best Design Awards of 2019 CMF, The Best Equipment Award of ECC in the United States, and so on.

Everest has been leading VOOPOO to innovate by thinking more from the consumer’s point of view. He feels that many innovative projects are market-oriented and do not address the pain points encountered by users during their use of the product, thus leading to innovative projects that focus too much on the economic benefits and ignore the product experience and the social value created.

Focusing Towards Building A Brand

“Innovation enables companies to always think from the perspective and experience of consumers, enabling them to develop products that meet both the spiritual and material needs of users, and allowing consumers to enjoy the benefits of their innovation,” asserts Everest. In today’s society, a company with the spirit of innovation can always drive their industry onwards and upwards, as well as push competitors in the industry to change and improve the quality of the whole industry, thus enabling the industry to win the respect of society and create more value for that society.

The constant innovative approach has helped VOOPOO to deal with the pandemic crisis with ease. The company has always attached importance to the exploration of online sales channels. In addition, because of its very sound and professional supply chain system, VOOPOO has been able to maintain exponential growth during the COVID-19 pandemic and occupy a leading position in the industry. Furthermore, in the post-Covid era, the atomization industry will experience vigorous development, as online sales are not possible in some countries, and offline sales are an important growth area for breakthroughs in product sales. In addition, because of the impact of the pandemic, users who used to rely on traditional tobacco are gradually trying to turn to vape products, therefore greatly expanding the user base. The current influence of the VOOPOO brand in the market is still relatively weak, but in the future VOOPOO will increase its efforts to build the brand and become the shiniest new star in the field of atomization in the post-Covid era.

Pushing the standards

In the coming years, VOOPOO will strengthen its product development, channel expansion, and brand-building efforts in the areas of new products, sales channels, and brand influence to continue to strengthen its leading position in the industry. VOOPOO will develop and launch more innovative products, in addition to pushing the development of standards in the industry. It will certainly encourage more companies to create products that meet the common standards of the market and contribute to the sustainable innovation and growth of the industry.

Quote: “VOOPOO GENE Tech platform devotes to developing the most innovative technology of muti-analysis to achieve power control, temperature control, mode switching, power management, and other smart functions.”

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