Wefunding: Redefining Online Real-estate Landscape

Investing in real estate is a whole different ball game. While the rewards can be hefty, so are the risks. You can have both good and bad luck. To increase the odds of profit, one must possess a keen understanding of how the market is functioning and where it is headed and should know how to make the right use of the latest technology to one’s advantage. However, doing those things alone won’t guarantee someone success. It also requires one to invest a lot of money and keep tabs with changing laws, taxes, accounting, and various other factors. 

Now this can become quite overwhelming and intimidating for anyone who is not an expert. All these can leave people demotivated to even think of real estate investing. This is when Wefunding comes into the picture.

Founded in 2015, Wefunding is an online real estate investment company that makes it easy for anyone to invest in stable real estate. The company works with private and commercial locations throughout Korea, allowing clients to choose how to invest in real estate. To date, through the company’s investment service, a whopping 100 billion won has been invested with the annual return realized for 7 years being 15.19%. (In cumulative terms, it exceeds 100%!) And that too, without any loss of principal thus far. In addition, the company also provides research services to global customers such as DWS Asset Management, Samsung Securities, and CBRE IM. It published books and research reports for them and retail investors. “We are almost the only company in the online investment market that has made profits for customers. We are committed to ensuring that our customers’ investments are successful,” states Jason Lee. “This is the result of our excellent strategy, execution, and customer-oriented services,” says Jisoo Lee, Representative at Wefunding.

Confluence of Technology, Expertise and Morality

Within a short span of just 8 years, Wefunding has grown and bootstrapped into a leading digital real estate investment company in South Korea without any venture capital. But the journey hasn’t been a cakewalk, though. The company had to endure a lot of difficulties during this period. Yet it has overcome all the hardships and evolved, time and again, by constantly understanding and meeting the needs of its customers. “This experience has given us strength for greater challenges and has motivated us to provide better service and help improve the lives of our customers,” says Jisoo. “Based on this motivation, we will continue to challenge, grow, and provide better value to our customers.”

Wefunding distinguishes itself in the competitive realm of online real estate through several distinct factors. One of the factors that has been crucial to its growth over the years is its ability to make shrewd use of technology. To provide more efficient, seamless, and safe services to its customers, Wefunding has built and equipped systems such as finance, investment, transactions, and security using world-class IT technology. These cutting-edge technologies have contributed to increasing the competitiveness of the company by enabling it to respond quickly to changing market conditions and technology trends. 

Besides better use of advanced technology, Wefunding’s uniqueness also stems from its highly experienced leadership team of experts. The company operates a research center with a team of real estate experts that sets investment strategies, executes investments, and repeatedly performs work to ensure a stable return on investments. Wefunding’s team consists of four teams: an investment team, a management team, a marketing team, and a technology team. All these teams work alongside to bring out the best possible outcomes for their customers. 

Morality is yet another key element for Wefunding’s growth. This is something they value to a great extent. All Wefunding team members provide services based on internal manuals and voluntary high compliance spirit and morality. By combining technology, morality, and expertise, the company contributes to maximizing the return on investment for customers while providing professional real estate investment services.

What sets Wefunding apart from other players in the marketplace is its ability to adapt to market trends and changes. The company has been there, done that, and is expected to play a major role in driving the industry’s growth curve in the coming years as well. To this end, the company is planning to respond to the changing real estate market due to interest rate hikes and legal regulations and to recognize the limitations of the Korean market, and expand around the world.

Besides, Wefunding is conducting continuous research to preemptively discover products. 

Wefunding’s research center is constantly researching the most promising regions and sectors, and investing in them to generate continuous revenue. This allows the company to actively respond to changes in the market and find good markets in the changing market. Alongside, Wefunding recognizes the limitations of the Korean market and plans to expand around the world to respond to them. To achieve this, the company is developing an investment return prediction model for five cities and five sectors around the world using AI. “Through this, we are studying and developing optimal distribution ratios for various cities and sectors,” says Jisoo Lee.

One of the fatal drawbacks of real estate investment is the inelasticity of transactions. To improve this, the company launched a new service called ‘Wemarket’ in 2023. With Wemarket, customers are free to invest in real estate anytime, 24 hours a day, and recover their investments whenever necessary. This gives customers the freedom to invest in real estate at their disposal. In this way, Wefunding is leading the growth curve of the industry in a variety of ways, including actively analyzing market trends, promoting expansion into the global market, and increasing the liquidity of real estate investment.

Moreover, Wefunding has also created a lot of new good spaces in the city by funding developers who improve the city by investing in real estate PF. This demonstrates how the company is dedicated to contributing to society and strives for the development of the city. Through these activities, the company is increasing the economic and social value of the city. “We will continue to expand activities that contribute to the creation of social values and contribute to the continuous development of our society,” explains Jisoo Lee.

With a strong value proposition in place, Wefunding has scripted numerous success stories for its customers with its highly versatile services. The numerous awards and accolades the company has garnered over the years are a testament to the level of service it offers its customers.  In 2019, the company’s CEO, Jisoo Lee, won the 2019 Minister of SMEs and Startups Award. This is the result of his efforts to revitalize the real estate market as a whole, including commercializing his urban regeneration project and PF project to make it accessible to individual investors. Furthermore, he was also selected as a Korean company leader at ‘APAC Entrepreneur’ in 2023, for his contribution to the development of the field, such as having a patent that enables customized asset management services using technology finance. 

Moving forward, Wefunding plans to increase customer satisfaction and strengthen its position as a market leader through continuous technology development and service improvement. In three to five years, the company aims to continue to advance its technology to give more customers access to real estate investments. And in five years, to make it easier for its clients to invest in real estate, especially commercial property. After 10 years, it aspires to provide a platform for its clients to invest in real estate in major cities around the world. With the mission to secure economic autonomy through real estate investment, Wefunding is all set to redefine the future of online real estate investment services. “The goal is to “make real estate investment with $1 in 2022, make customers become Starbucks building owners with $10 in 2025, and create a platform to invest in five cities, including Seoul, New York, Paris, London, and Tokyo, with $100 won in 2030,” concludes Jisoo Lee.

PULL QUOTE: “We are almost the only company in the online investment market that has made profits for customers. We are committed to ensuring that our customers’ investments are successful.”


Website: wefunding.com

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Management: Jisoo Lee

Description: Wefunding is an online real estate investment company that makes it easy for anyone to invest in stable real estate. The company works with private and commercial locations throughout Korea, allowing clients to choose how to invest in real estate. 

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