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Commercially launched in 2014, is a product that has reimagined modern-day business. Recognizing that a majority of companies waste their precious, resources, money, and time due to a lack of operational visibility, Monday was founded to offer such businesses the opportunity to optimize their organization, create transparency, and streamline processes. 

However, even though it is the most powerful work operating system in the present day, more than 90% of its users fail to maximize its potential by leveraging its custom automation and app integrations. When Michael Cimo and Giovanni Pizzato noticed this, they decided to offer these users a chance to make the maximum out of Monday. 

Worktables: Expert with Hundreds of Clients 

Realizing the importance of Monday and noticing the product’s potential, Michael and Giovanni established Wortables in 2022 with the motive to help Monday’s users maximize its use. With Michael’s experience in sales, marketing, and operations, and Giovanni’s expertise in full-stack development, the company provides exemplary services. 

In Michael’s words, “ has the potential to transform the way businesses operate, improve processes, and have a bigger impact in their field if it is used correctly.” Based on their observation, the two set out to show businesses how to completely automate, optimize, and transform their business by handling all of the tedious, stressful, and cumbersome customizations necessary to get the most out of the service. 

Implement, Connect, and Automate

The automation solutions offered by Worktables eliminate the requirement for tedious manual operations and eventually provide the teams that overlay software time back in their day. Worktable offers custom software for Giovanni tells us, “Our software is programmed with a combination of business intelligence and operations process of the client resulting in a fully tailored and automated work operating system.”

Monday possesses the flexibility to be any kind of software a company requires. However, expertise is required to unlock its maximum potential, integrate it into each business unit, and create a cohesive system. This is the kind of expertise offered by Worktables. As a matter of fact, the company’s punchline is, “Let’s help you unlock Monday’s limitless potential allowing you to customize and automate every aspect of your business. Say goodbye to manual work and operational challenges.” 

Worktables offers a full suite of services around the Monday ecosystem. These include custom workflows, training, implementation, and applications. That, too, for businesses of all sizes. 

In detail, the company provides support and training services to help businesses get the most out of their investment. Through ongoing assistance and expert guidance, Worktables helps them maximize the use for streamlined project management, collaboration, and communication. 

Additionally, it provides organizations with a fully customized and simple way. Through expert advice combined with automation, businesses get to decrease their security risks, inefficiencies, and manual efforts. Thus, allowing them to focus on growing their businesses and goals. 

Last but not least, the experts at Worktables help in designing and automating the manual operations of companies using These experts help streamline the internal process, external client engagement, and much more. Besides, if there is not a native application to attain the use, Worktables builds it. 

The Story Behind the Inception of Worktables

Michael and Giovanni saw the huge potential of with regard to its application in an organization. However, in order to truly tailor and tune the solution, a specific skill set was required. They thought, “What if we could build software that could bridge this gap? What if we could provide businesses with operations and sales expertise along the way?” The answer to this resulted in the fruition of the overlay models. 

The two founders – located in two different corners of the world – decided to accomplish it. Without meeting in person, Michael and Giovanni founded Worktables together and have been since changing the way companies operate and automate.

To date, the company has worked with more than 300 organizations. From Veteran-focused companies like Kelly Cove to global entities such as Salvation Army, Worktables supports businesses of all sizes. 

What Makes Worktables Different?

Michael says, “Anyone can learn to code and work with Monday. However, we are taking technical and business expertise and merging it into overlay software that can be deployed to a clients Monday system within hours.” The outcome is a fully tailored work operating system with advanced workflow automation.

The blend of technical and business expertise offers Worktables an edge over other companies in the industry and allows them to produce the next-generation, life-changing software. Worktables’ software programs Monday to automate advanced operations and tasks that are unique to a business. 

One of the greatest examples of the success of Worktables involves its client, Kelly Cove, which is a Veteran-focused construction firm. The company was spending nearly 85 hours every month to generate quotes and invoices for their jobs. After the installation of the overlay software by Worktables, Kelly Cove was able to dynamically generate documents. The work hours were reduced significantly – from 85 hours to 5 hours per month, hence augmenting efficiency. 

Other major companies that benefitted from Worktables’ solutions include Freedom Payments, Bellus Labs, Shore Motor Cars, Initial Encounter, and Jessica Sweets. 

The Years Ahead of Worktables 

Worktables is growing rapidly and is in a current investment round. Soon, the company will be releasing a new upgrade marketplace that will transform the space – it will allow users to purchase incremental items for their system. These items will include templates, automation, formulas, and much more. 

Pull Quote: “We build highly tailored, automated operating systems for our business clients which automates 80-90% of their manual business tasks, its revolutionary”

Description of the Company: Worktables is a company offering overlay software and experts services to companies using 

Company Name: Worktables

Founding Year: 2022

Office Locations: New Jersey & Brazil

Official Website of the Company: 

Name of the Featured Leader: Michael Cimo (CEO) & Giovanni Pizzato (CTO)

Designation of the Leader: Co-Founders

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