Xeeva: Transforming Procurement Processes with AI-Driven Spend Management Platform


Presently, an optimized spend management process maximizes value from the organizational spending while ensuring low costs, minimal financial risk, streamlined cash flow and better business-customer relationships. Thus, leveraging the capabilities of integrated spend management can help companies realign their priorities and make informed, strategic decisions that benefits business functions and eliminates risks.

Leveraging AI technology to cleanse, categorize and enrich spend data, Xeeva is the leader in indirect spend management solutions that optimize the entire procurement process. The company transforms indirect spend management with best practices around areas such as spend analytics, data enrichment, sourcing and procure-to-pay solutions that drive better, more strategic decision-making and deliver real financial impact to the enterprise.


Driven by AI-powered Technology

Headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, Xeeva’s inception dates back to 2014. The company specializes in areas of procurement software, sourcing software, AI, Machine Learning, spend management, spend analytics, procure-to-pay, procurement, data enrichment, and supplier marketplace.

Its unique combination of AI-powered technology, industry insights and domain expertise maximizes procurement efficiency and savings while offering various benefits. These include delivering unparalleled data quality and completeness, and intelligent guided buying for managing complex procurement operations.

Top Choice for Industry Leaders

Xeeva recognizes the power of data in procurement decision-making. Therefore, it uses the industry’s only AI-powered data solution to classify, categorize, and enrich data for helping customers derive the most value from it. It also offers a distinct advantage by providing the right information and recommending the next best action accordingly. This is enabled through its unique combination of machine learning, AI, and industry expertise and insights. As a result, customers immediately experience significant business impact in terms of cost savings, efficiencies, compliance, and workload.

Moreover, Xeeva’s use of AI and insights underpins its solutions, ensuring the best technology and thinking. Essentially, the company’s ability to classify, categorize and enrich data at unprecedented speed, detail and completeness provide a bedrock foundation for impactful and accurate decision-making throughout every step of the procurement process, ensuring best practices.

Led by an Experienced Expert

At the helm of Xeeva, Nina Vellayan spearheads the company as the President and the CEO. With 25+ years of experience, Nina upholds a successful background with private and public companies, large and small companies, enterprise SaaS and building high-performance management teams. With a unique entrepreneurial leadership style, Nina’s effective planning, organizational and communication skills, and solution-oriented approach to problem-solving have shown measurable results.

Being the leader, Nina also spearheads the team of Xeeva where she ensures intact motivation and productivity within the workspace. The company understands how technology alone cannot optimize indirect spend and procurement processes, and how a combination of the best technology and industry insights coming from hands-on experience and expertise is vital. As a result, the team of Xeeva is comprised of talented professionals who are experts in their respective concerned fields. The members are world-class industry experts in purchasing, data science, and engineering who continuously innovate to drive best practices in procurement operations.

Expansive Network of Suppliers

Xeeva delivers measurable value through an expansive network of suppliers. With that said, the Xeeva Marketplace offers buyers immediate access to a rich database with hundreds of thousands of highly-vetted, proven vendors across a range of categories. This access ensures that businesses and buyers receive preferential pricing and payment terms that enable them to minimize spending and the need for external sourcing events, drive an efficient RFQ process, and reduce risk. As a result, businesses and buyers can also easily onboard existing and new suppliers into the marketplace, creating a single source for purchasing requirements.

Prominent Choice for Industry Leaders

Since its establishment, Xeeva has emerged as a prominent choice for the industry leaders. The company has been meeting the challenges of indirect spend management with a team of industry experts in purchasing, data science and engineering who continuously innovate to drive best practices throughout the procurement process.

Moreover, customers are further supported by a team of implementation and training experts that ensure a positive and successful engagement. These factors make Xeeva a trusted partner of top enterprises around the world, helping to transform their procurement processes into valuable procurement operations. With its array of services, the company aims to continue serving its clients and bringing a bigger change to the industry.

Xeeva, Inc

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