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Xeriant received its approval from the Florida Atlantic Research and Development Authority in 2019, and became the member and tenant of the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in Boca Raton, Florida—it is part of the university and adjacent to the Boca Raton Airport.

FAU is ranked among the leading engineering schools in the state, and part of the National Science Foundation’s Industry/University Cooperative Research Center Program called the Center for Advanced Knowledge Enablement (CAKE). This 70 acres Research Park headquarters of Xeriant. Also, FAU has recently opened a center for AI and Connected Assured Autonomy through the College of Engineering and Computer Science, which applies to advanced aircraft systems. Xeriant is engaging with FAU’s academic team, both faculty and students to assist in screening and validating various technologies and to work together in a series of joint research initiatives.

Xeriant partnering with FAU enables the company to attain tremendous credibility as only a selected few companies earn membership to its research park, and it may also provide access to grant programs and financing opportunities. 

Xeriant Aerospace

Convergence of numerous technologies

Xeriant is dedicated to the successful development and commercialization of next-generation technologies with applications in the aerospace industry.  Advancements in science and engineering across a broad spectrum of disciplines are reshaping the future of air and space travel, enhancing capabilities, safety, efficiency, and performance, while providing solutions to environmental concerns.  These breakthroughs are also making possible revolutionary aircraft concepts, manufacturing processes, and propulsion systems, creating new business opportunities throughout the transportation ecosystem.  Anticipated to become a reality shortly, urban air mobility using electrically powered VTOL-capable aircraft, or air taxis is made possible through the convergence of numerous technological innovations.

The push for electrically powered flight, known as the ‘third wave of aeronautics,’ has produced an outbreak of aerospace research activity, including a comprehensive re-examination of the aircraft development process aimed at design optimization.  Multidisciplinary design optimization in aircraft development requires the analysis and integration of all relevant technologies related to aerodynamics, structure, flight controls, and propulsion systems.  Xeriant is continually striving to recognize technology trends at an early stage, discover new and disruptive innovations and identify synergistic opportunities.

A team of Experts

Xeriant’s management team has many decades of entrepreneurial experience in finance, technology, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, operations, marketing, and security.  The mixed holding / operating company structure has several advantages—not only will it enable Xeriant to grow more rapidly through the acquisition and synergistic impact of technology assets, but from a human capital perspective, this strategy structure will allow the company to benefit from the exceptionally talented individuals who helped to create and develop those innovations.

Xeriant understands that entrepreneurial spirit, passion and vision are critical to success and believes in supporting the distinct management and operational independence of its affiliates, so they stay focused on their fields of expertise.  It offers a complementary extension of the affiliate company’s management team, providing strategic guidance and introductions, increased access to financial markets, and investor liquidity.

Adopting Eco-friendly materials

The team of Xeriant has not only adapted to the new technologies but also is continually working on environment-friendly materials. Xeriant recently has included a regulatory step in the prohibition of toxic flame retardants in Europe, positioning Retacell to become a leading replacement for these chemicals. This comes after the largest ban on the hazardous substance by the European Union last week unveiled a proposal to eliminate 12,000 toxic chemicals, including cancer, hormonal disruption, and neurological damage, as well as environmental issues. Xeriant had entered a joint venture with Movychem that acquired exclusive worldwide rights to their groundbreaking eco-friendly Retacell fire retardant technology. 

The CEO of Xeriant, Keith Duffy, recently commented, “There has been growing awareness of the adverse environmental and human health effects of toxic flame retardants, and this ban by the European Union will likely become the catalyst for similar initiatives across the globe. The transition to safer and more sustainable alternatives presents a substantial market opportunity for Retacell, which we plan to exploit.

About the Leader:

Keith F. Duffy, the Chairman of the Board and CEO

Keith has a B.A. Degree in Business Administration and Mathematics from the Wake Forest University and Rollins College. Formerly, Keith was the founder and CEO of a public company, two bank holding companies, a software development company, and a biotech company, which is now trading on NASDAQ. Over the years, he has held several management, accounting, and finance positions, has been a licensed securities broker, and currently holds a real estate license and an NMLS mortgage broker’s license in Florida. He has also served on the Florida Bar Grievance Committee.

Keith has over three decades of experience in investment banking, management, finance, strategic planning, and operations, and has been a key player in several start-up companies. He has also arranged the merger of American Aviation Technologies with a public company to form Xeriant and established the relationship with FAU, preparing the white paper that was approved by the Florida Atlantic Research and Development Authority.


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