BigID Expands Data Protection For AWS

Data Protection

Pointers at Glance

  • BigID expands data protection for AWS by introducing security and privacy-aware access control for AWS cloud infrastructure.
  • It reduces risk and automates role-based policies across AWS.

The provider of the data intelligence platform, BigID, is introducing security and privacy-aware access control for AWS Cloud infrastructure to reduce risk and automate role-based policies across AWS, including Redshift, S3, Athena, EMR, and more, with extended integrations.

According to the vendor, AWS customers can automate intelligent access control to enable and restrict access to their sensitive data using BigID while creating business policies based on data sensitivity and context.

Customers can improve their cloud data risk posture and reduce complexity by automatic high-risk data protection while applying tags and labels to their AWS data based on sensitivity and risk.

BigID announced expanded auto-detection and automated discovery for the accounts and data sets of AWS, which makes it easier than ever for organizations to automatically find the accounts and data they have and expand data protection across the cloud.

Available through the AWS Marketplace, organizations leveraging AWS Control Tower can now automate the deployment of BigID for improved visibility of data and control across their AWS environment. According to the vendor, these expanded capabilities reduce complexity, cost, and time to insight for organizations managing their data in AWS.

Customers can automatically find sensitive data, assets, and accounts inside AWS without manual processes or configurations with the new capabilities from BigID. Additionally, customers can automatically provision roles and permissions across their multi-account environments, saving time and cost and automating data scanning across multiple accounts and sources.

Eran Gewurtz, Director of Product Management and Security at BigID, said that AWS customers need to drive their security strategies from the data primarily now more than ever. The customers can automatically detect accounts and sensitive data, accelerate their data classification and labeling, streamline their policy management, and reduce risk by adding BigID into their environments.