Bosch To Invest a Further €3 Billion In Semiconductor Business

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  • Semiconductors have become an integral part of all electronic systems and act as motors that drive the modern technology world.
  • Bosch is planning to invest an extra €3 Billion in the chip manufacturing business by identifying its growing significance and to strengthen its own semiconductor business.

Semiconductors are an integral part of all electronic systems, from cars and e-bikes to household appliances and wearables. They are like the motor that drives the modern world of technology.

Bosch identified their increasing significance early on and has now announced an investment of further billions of euros in order to strengthen its own semiconductor business. Bosch plans to invest another €3 billion by 2026 in its semiconductor division as a part of the IPCEI funding program on microelectronics and communications technology.

The chairman of Bosch, Dr. Stefan Hartung, says that microelectronics is the future and is essential to the success of all areas of Bosch’s business. With it, they hold a master key to tomorrow’s mobility, the internet of things, and to what members at Bosch call technology that is Invented for life.

One of the projects Bosch aims to fund with this investment is the construction of two new development centers in Reutlingen and Dresden at an overall cost of over €170 million. Additionally, the company will spend €250 million over the coming year to create an extra 3,000 square meters of clean-room space at its wafer fab in Dresden.

Hartung says they are gearing up for continued growth in demand for semiconductors and their customers’ benefit. These miniature components mean big business for them.

Bosch is also constructing a new test center for semiconductors in Penang, Malaysia. By 2023, this center will be utilized to test finished semiconductor chips and sensors.

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