ChatGPT: AI Technology Used By Job Seekers To Write Resumes

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  • Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is being used to generate resumes and cover letters.
  • A recent survey by Resume Builder suggests that using a chatbot improves the chances of landing a job.

The online job site, Resume Builder, surveyed 2,153 job seekers earlier this month and found that almost half used ChatGPT to help write their job application materials, with the majority saying that it helped them secure their desired job.

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The survey revealed that 72% of users employed ChatGPT for their cover letters, while 51% used it for resumes. ChatGPT proved effective at grabbing the attention of prospective employers, with 69% of those who used it reporting a higher response rate from companies. Additionally, 78% of respondents said they secured an interview when using ChatGPT to write their job application materials, and 59% were hired after applying for a job with materials generated by the chatbot technology from OpenAI.

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According to Hiten Sheth, director of the HR practice of research firm Gartner, candidates, and employers are experiencing a fiercely competitive labor market. Candidates might utilize generative AI to improve their resumes to gain a competitive edge.

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However, when interviewers discovered the use of AI-generated job application materials, the response wasn’t always positive. Of the 40% of respondents who said interviewers were aware they used ChatGPT, 35% said they didn’t get the job because of it.

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Why Are Job Seekers Using ChatGPT?

The primary motivation for using ChatGPT is to save time, with the survey revealing that this benefit outweighs the risks for most job seekers. An overwhelming majority (88%) of respondents said they are somewhat or highly likely to continue using ChatGPT in the future.

Three out of four of those surveyed said that the materials written by ChatGPT were of high or very high quality, and 28% said they had to do only a little or no editing to the resumes and cover letters written by ChatGPT.

According to Sheth, users and organizations “must remain cautious when using generative AI, as failing to do so could result in legal and reputational consequences.”

A spokesperson for Resume Builder said the organization could not conclude that ChatGPT increases a respondent’s chance of being interviewed or hired but that using ChatGPT may not hurt an applicant’s chances, either.

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