Daasity Launched ELT+ Solution For Commerce

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Pointers at Glance

  • Daasity has launched ELT+ for Commerce, a modular data platform that utilizes Snowflake technology.
  • This new offering aims to benefit eCommerce, Amazon, retail, and wholesale customers by providing them with a comprehensive data and analytics solution to implement a full or partial data and analytics stack.

With ELT+, brands can quickly implement a custom data stack that benefits from Snowflake’s dynamic workload scaling and secure data-sharing features.

Dan LeBlanc, the Daasity co-founder and CEO, said the company also provides features such as the Test Warehouse, allowing customers to duplicate their warehouse in one click for code testing in a non-production environment. The ultimate goal is to empower brands, especially those at the enterprise level, to become data-driven organizations.

ELT Refers To Extract, Load & Transform

By building its solution on Snowflake technology, Daasity can utilize the single integrated platform to help customers with data extraction, loading, transforming, analysis, and operationalization.

With Daasity, brands only need one platform, including Snowflake, to manage their entire data environment.

Scott Schilling, the senior director of global partner development at Snowflake, praised Daasity’s ELT+ for Commerce as a transformative solution for businesses seeking innovation. He said it offers joint customers a way to create a single source of truth for their data and provides flexibility in building data solutions and leveraging data across the organization.

Daasity Platform Supports Diverse Data Requirements

The Daasity platform is designed for consumer brands to have data-driven decision-making capabilities. It is created by analysts and engineers in the field to support the diverse data requirements for businesses selling through channels such as eCommerce, Amazon, retail, and wholesale.

Using Daasity, organizations can access a centralized, standardized view of their data, regardless of the technology or tools they use in their stack or potential changes in their data needs.

The term ELT refers to the process of extracting data from multiple sources, loading it into Snowflake, and transforming it into actionable insights for marketers.

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