Georgia School’s Logo Resembles A Nazi Symbol

Georgia School

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  • An elementary school in the Atlanta area of Georgia delayed the release of the new logo as parents noted similarities between the logo and the Nazi symbol.
  • It was mentioned that the logo design was based on a US Army colonel’s eagle wings.

The new logo release for an Atlanta area elementary school has been paused after parents noted similarities between the logo of a Georgia school and a Nazi symbol, though a school district said the logo design was based on a US Army colonel’s eagle wings.

The Cobb County School District said it had halted distribution of the new logo for East Side Elementary School in Marietta after it drew condemnation on social media.

The logo represents the school’s mascot, an eagle over the school’s initials ES. The Nazi eagle, developed in the 1920s and later became a symbol for white supremacists, depicts an eagle holding a swastika in its talons.

The second-largest school district of Georgia announced plans to delay the new logo while immediately reviewing needed changes. The statement said they understand and strongly agree that similarities to Nazi symbol are unacceptable. However, this design was based on the US Army colonel’s eagle wings, and stakeholder input has been and continues to be necessary to schools.

A message to parents notified them of the new logo designed by Georgia School, saying it was chosen to indicate the eagle soaring into excellence and to honor the history of their famous school. It was also added that the Georgia school district has been working with all schools to create new logo designs.

The design brought out a swift backlash on social media. The Georgia School logo controversy is the latest incident related to antisemitism in Cobb schools. Last month, a group started posting hot pink billboards around metro Atlanta challenging people to fight antisemitism, partly in response to incidents last school year.

According to an Anti-Defamation League report, antisemitic incidents in Georgia more than doubled between 2020 and 2021. Georgia tallied 49 incidents in 2021.

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