Hong Kong tightens social restriction, reports 8,674 new COVID cases

social restriction

At a Glance:

  • Hong Kong reports 8,674 new COVID-19 cases in a day.
  • The official authorities of Hong Kong have announced tough social restriction to combat the surge.
  • Residents will have to show vaccine records to access outdoor venues and public places.

Hong Kong has reported 8,674 new cases of COVID-19. With this surge, the authorities have announced strict restrictions and mandatory testing for residents. The residents will have to provide vaccine records to visit supermarkets, malls, and restaurants. The mask is mandatory at all public places and people cannot remove the mask in public transport for eating or drinking.

Alike China, Hong Kong will also practice a ‘dynamic zero COVID’ strategy. The aim will be to eradicate outbreaks at all costs and not adapt to living with the virus.

COVID infections may rise

Hong Kong has already stretched its isolation, testing, and treatment capacity to the maximum. The researchers of the University of Hong Kong have predicted that the new infection could peak at 180,000 a day next month.

The city has already closed bars, gyms, and other businesses are also affected. The shopping malls are also deserted as residents are working from home. The school will also break early for summer and resume the new year in August.

The parents are not happy with the decision and are concerned about the children’s education and mental health.

Restrictions get stricter

Beginning next month, some of the school campuses will use testing and isolation as mandatory checks for infections.

The new social restriction has banned the gathering of more than two people and the dining restaurants will close past 6. pm. local time. The residents of Hong Kong are tired of the restrictions and safety measures as there is no sight of relief. In the last two years, the measures have only grown to be stricter.