Noema Pharma Raises $112m To Develop Therapies For Central Nervous System Disorders

Noema Pharma

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  • Noema Pharma has successfully completed a Series B financing round to raise $112m to develop therapies targeting central nervous system disorders.
  • The funding was provided by a mix of new and existing investors, with healthcare-focused investment firms Jeito Capital and Forbion leading the round.
  • Other investors included UPMC Enterprises, Sofinnova Partners, Polaris Partners, Gilde Healthcare, and Invus.

Two new board members, Nanna Lüneborg from Forbion and Rachel Mears from Jeito Capital, will also join Noema Pharma. The funding will be used to advance Noema Pharma’s clinical-stage assets, such as the compound basimglurant, which is currently being tested in phase 2b clinical trials for severe pain in trigeminal neuralgia and seizures among patients who have tuberous sclerosis complex.

In addition to its work on basimglurant, Noema Pharma is also researching gemlapodect, a PDE10a inhibitor that is undergoing phase 2b clinical trials for Tourette Syndrome and childhood-onset fluency disorder, and NOE-115, a triple reuptake inhibitor for binge eating disorder and atypical depression.

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Noema Pharma’s Promising Pipeline For Central Nervous System Disorders

Luigi Costa, CEO of Noema Pharma, expressed optimism about the potential impact of the company’s treatments, stating: “We are thrilled to have a world-class group of investors supporting our vision of providing much-needed therapies for those suffering from central nervous system disorders. This financing round, which exceeded our expectations, will be critical in advancing our pipeline and achieving our goals. We anticipate significant developments in the next two years and are grateful for the expertise and support of our investors.”

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Nanna Lüneborg, a general partner at Forbion, added: “We are confident that Noema Pharma is at the forefront of a new wave of innovation in central nervous system disorder treatment. The company’s promising clinical data, particularly for its lead asset basimglurant, and strong investor base, positions it well for future success in addressing the high unmet need in this field.”

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