Is Seeds of Change Launching Ancient Grain Mixes?

Seeds of Change

Pointers at Glance

  • Seeds of Change, a Mars, Inc. brand, is launching the Super Grains line, offering convenient ancient grain mixes in microwaveable pouches.
  • The initial release features flavors like Tuscan Herbs and Smoky Southwest, aiming to make diverse ancient grains accessible for everyday meals.

Mars, Inc.’s brand, Seeds of Change is expanding its range of rice and grain-based meals by introducing the new Super Grains line of ancient grain mixes. These Super Grains can seamlessly complement any meal and come in convenient microwaveable 8-ounce pouches, ready to serve within just 90 seconds, as stated by the company.

The initial release will consist of three enticing flavor variations:

  1. Tuscan Herbs: A blend featuring quinoa, wheat berries, and pearl millet, bringing together the flavors of Tuscany.
  2. Indian Style: Inspired by global cuisine, this flavor is crafted using sorghum, quinoa, and finer millet to provide a rich taste.
  3. Smoky Southwest: This mixture combines amaranth, pearl millet, sorghum, and quinoa, promising a smoky and robust Southwestern essence.

Seeds of Change’s Super Grains line offers a convenient and delectable way to incorporate diverse ancient grains into everyday meals.

Angie Madigan’s Vision: Bringing Nutritious Ancient Grains to the Masses

Angie Madigan, Vice President of Marketing for Mars’ Food and Nutrition North America business unit, expressed the brand’s dedication to making ancient grains like millet and sorghum a regular part of people’s diets.

  • She emphasized that Seeds of Change is focused on bringing these nutritious ingredients to the masses in a delicious and convenient way.
  • Madigan highlighted their enthusiasm for introducing the Super Grains line as a wholesome, simple, and easily accessible choice, aligning with their mission to offer better food today for a brighter world tomorrow.

The Super Grains line will first make its debut at Whole Foods Market locations all across the country beginning this September. Further plans involve expanding its availability to more national retailers throughout 2024.


1. What is Seeds of Change launching?

Seeds of Change is introducing the Super Grains line, offering a variety of ancient grain mixes in convenient microwaveable pouches.

2. How quickly can these Super Grains be prepared?

These Super Grains are ready to serve within 90 seconds after being microwaved.

3. What makes the Super Grains line unique?

Seeds of Change’s Super Grains line provides an easy and delicious way to incorporate diverse ancient grains into daily meals.

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