WebOdoctor: A Journey From A Micro Startup To A Formative Company

WebOdoctor Digital

Pointers at Glance

  • WebOdoctor is an interactive agency where we create digital platforms for businesses. The company understands its clients’ problems and offers quality solutions to suit their needs.
  • It started its journey as a micro startup and now got established as a formative company.

WebOdoctor Digital and IT Solutions LLP have journeyed from a micro startup to a formative company. It is celebrating its 5 years of establishment and is growing daily, and contentment follows.

Journey of WebOdoctor

WebOdoctor was formed out of hidden possibilities and was started with four members. All of them had 10 years of hands-on experience in their fields and then walked apart from the stereotypical job world to an unconventional work zone. They just walked in door-to-door, addressing concerns of the clients online related to FMCG, Real Estate, HealthCare, Education & Gaming, providing solutions with conviction and honesty. This process worked, and the revenue of WebOdoctor rolled on.

In the first five years, they came across numerous failures. Below are the pointers of the hardship faced.

  • Miscount on timelines and budget
  • Blind on the big picture
  • Less result-oriented output.
  • Dropping in the development time
  • Lesser pace matches with technology
  • Failing to collect the payments

But, they took up a challenge when the pandemic paused the world. Most businesses were clueless about how to move forward, sales were stopped, and customers were confused.

WebOdoctor never took a pause. They geared up businesses with the most cutting-edge software solutions for which they flaunt their accomplishments.

  • Website/ App Development
  • Software Solutions
  • Digital Marketing/ Branding
  • Content Writing
  • Book & Product Launches

They started working on 200+ projects nationwide and worldwide, with their footprints in Mumbai, Bhopal, and Seattle. Revenue increased but most importantly, what they value is their client and the quality of their services. All the battles of taking risks and collaboration of ideas shaped not just a company but a formative one. They call themselves “Entrepreneurs By Chance.”

The story of WebOdoctor can relate to and inspire an ordinary person to take the calculative risk on the ground of their setback and play the last ball of hope to win and enjoy success. Now, WebOdoctor stands as one of the top brands in website and application development companies in Central India.

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