5 Ways How Wifi 6 Will Improve Your Small Businesses

Wifi 6

Digital transformation has now taken over almost every business. In this virtual world speed and data is the currency to growing the business today. Wi-Fi 6 will be transforming connectivity.

WiFi technology coupled with 5G technology will revolutionize the way we connect to the network. The technological advancements have stayed ahead of the trend to survive the development of wireless networks.

The new version of WiFi will change connectivity and how we operate smart devices. Every generation has brought a great change from its previous predecessors. This is also aimed at improving the next generation of gadgets. The latest laptops, smartphones, and routers will all have access to reliable, and fast connectivity.

Here is the chronology of the wireless standards,

  • WiFi 1 802.11b (1999)
  • WiFi 2 802.11a (1999)
  • WiFi 3 802.11g (2003)
  • WiFi 4 802.11n (2009)
  • WiFi 5 802.11ac (2014)
  • WiFi 6 802.11ax (2019)
  • WiFi 6 E 802.11ax (2020)

What is WiFi 6?

WiFi 6 is an upgraded version of the previous WiFi. It has an industry certification program based on the IEEE 802.11ax standard. WiFi 6 will offer the capacity, coverage, performance, and efficiency, which is most needed by the current environments. It will help with enhanced connectivity in big public venues or stadiums where each device will work at an optimum level. WiFi 6 also has the highest level of security and interoperability. Alongside it enables lower battery consumption making it a solid choice for any environment.

The key benefits of WiFi 6 technology include:

We all know that WiFi 6 will provide us with fast and reliable connections. But how will it help scale your small-scale businesses? We have listed the 5 ways WiFi 6 will improve your small business:

  1. Improve your speed by 37%

WiFi 6 will enhance the speed of the internet by 37% for all the connected devices. This is achieved by the features of increasing bandwidth and carrying more data packets. WiFi 6 will expand the two-lane highway to six lanes allowing more traffic. It can carry more data packets and deliver data faster.

  1. Connect as many devices as you want

The routers with WiFi 6 can allow connecting more devices to the network. The amount of smart devices that we use today is uncountable and all these devices rely on network connectivity. WiFi 6 features OFDMA and better use of MU-MIMO for improving multiple device handling. Each device connected to the network will have its individual data stream and enable the data to be both sent and received simultaneously from the router to the connected device.

  1. More Secure than Before

WiFi 6 comes with a security update of WPA3 as one of the most significant benefits for businesses. The network will make it ten times difficult for the hacker to get in. It uses a ‘dragonfly handshake’ in which each connection requires authentication thus making the router resistant to active and passive attacks. The sessions are encrypted so people can connect securely with public networks.

  1. Better Battery Life

The devices connected to the network will have better and longer battery life. The previous version of the routers would drain the battery of devices. However, It enables Target Wake Time (TWT) technology which allows devices to preschedule check-in times that significantly decreases the battery drain.

  1. Signals for longer range

Weak signals are thing of the past. With WiFi 6 the signal range can improve up to 50% and eliminate the weak signal areas. You can access the network from almost every corner of your office space.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the network?

By far we have seen the advantages of the WiFi 6 but there might be a few disadvantages at hand too. So we have tabulated the benefits and demerits of the new technology for a quick glance,

Advantages Disadvantages
Faster than the previous version (estimated 9.6 Gbps) Expensive devices
Better battery Life with TWT You need a Gigabit-class broadband connection
Improved security backed with WPA3 Smaller range
The signals might be affected by obstruction


When can you upgrade?

Wifi 6 was launched in the market in 2019. Any device compatible with will give you access to all the listed features and enhance your network capabilities. When buying the new connection routers, ensure that these routers are Wi-Fi Alliance certified.

If you’re looking for an upgrade beyond the feature set of WiFi6, there was an addition of WiFi 6E. The WiFi 6E products will support a 6GHz wireless spectrum. It delivers faster speed and lower latencies. The devices of WiFi 6E will be backward compatible with Standards up to 6. Although to use the features of WiFi 6E you will require a WiFi 6E router and client device.

Should you switch to WiFi 6?

Businesses that fail to adapt to the changing landscapes are often left behind. Yes, it goes without saying that the inclusion of new technology depends on the requirements. However, as a business, you have to ensure that the employees, as well as the consumers, do not face any roadblock—especially one which can be avoided.

Depending on your requirements and budget you can upgrade your office space. The requirements are different for office spaces. Also, soon WiFi 7 will be released which will be an upgrade from the available options. Technology is always upgrading and depending on your requirements you can benefit from these upgrades.

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