Wyld Networks & Miromico Collaborate To Drive Satellite IoT Market

Wyld Networks

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  • Miromico & Wyld Networks form a satellite IoT partnership to drive the satellite IoT market.
  • Miromico will assist Wyld Networks with designing, engineering, and manufacturing its next generation of low-power, sensor-to-satellite LoRaWAN® terminals and modules for IoT applications across areas with little or no alternative connectivity as a part of the agreement.

Wyld Networks has formed a strategic collaboration with Miromico to drive the satellite IoT market.

Miromico will assist WN with the engineering, designing, and manufacturing of its next-generation low-power, sensor-to-satellite LoRaWAN terminals and modules.

Alastair Williamson, CEO at Wyld Networks, said that with years of experience in innovative design for electronic systems, integrated circuits, and the IoT, Miromico is the ideal partner to help them accelerate R&D and production activities to meet the increasing demand for advanced satellite IoT solutions. There is a lot of synergy between the two companies that will help them to drive further market adoption and explore new applications.

Miromico will become a reseller for Wyld Connect devices and satellite services. Wyld Connect hybrid devices can directly transfer data to terrestrial networks or through a network of Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites.

Marcel Wappler, CTO at Miromico, said WN is at the forefront of new sensor-to-satellite technology, which is set to hugely transform the IoT market, currently being held back by the lack of global connectivity.

Schekeb Fateh, CEO of Miromico, added that they look forward to working with Wyld to advance its products further, help accelerate production and take them to existing and new markets.

Wyld Networks will promote and resell Miromico sensors worldwide and integrate them in complete end-to-end, sensor-to-satellite solutions. Providing 100 percent global coverage using terrestrial or satellite LoRaWAN connectivity, Wyld solutions are ideal for applications in remote locations such as environmental monitoring, agriculture, energy, supply chain, and utilities.

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