YouTube New AI Tools – Did YouTube Announce for Creators at Meta Connect 2023?

YouTube New AI Tools

Key Highlights

  • YouTube introduced Dream Screen, enabling AI-generated backgrounds for Shorts videos.
  • YouTube expands its AI tools, offering features like automatic dubbing and AI-powered content suggestions to aid creators.

YouTube has introduced a slew of new features and AI tools aimed at empowering content creators and simplifying the video creation process. The video-sharing platform, owned by Google, announced several innovative additions:

1. Dream Screen for YouTube Shorts | YouTube New AI Tools

Dream Screen is a novel tool for YouTube Shorts, enabling users to create AI-generated backgrounds for their short videos. 

  • Users can input concepts like “generate an outer space environment,” and Dream Screen will create a background that users can then easily incorporate into their Shorts.
  • Initially, this feature will be accessible to select creators before a broader rollout next year.

2. YouTube Create Mobile App

YouTube unveiled a new mobile application called “YouTube Create,” currently in beta for Android. 

  • This app offers user-friendly video editing tools, including video trimming and automatic captioning. 
  • It also provides a library of filters, effects, transitions, and royalty-free music. 
  • YouTube Create aims to cater to content creators who may not be proficient in complex video editing software, enabling them to edit videos directly from their mobile devices.

3. YouTube Studio Enhancements

YouTube Studio, the platform where creators manage their content, is receiving upgrades. 

  • AI-powered insights are being introduced to help creators brainstorm ideas and expand their reach. 
  • These insights include content suggestions based on channel data and an assistive music search feature.

4. AI Dubbing Tool – Aloud

YouTube is launching “Aloud,” an AI dubbing tool designed to help creators expand their content’s reach into different languages. 

  • While major creators like MrBeast can afford professional dubbing, YouTube aims to make this capability accessible to smaller creators. 
  • With Aloud, creators can potentially reach broader international audiences.

These AI-related announcements were made during YouTube’s “Made on YouTube” event. Toni Reid, YouTube’s Vice President for Emerging Experiences and Community Products, expressed how YouTube continues to be a hub for creators of diverse backgrounds and experience levels who leverage new features, technology, and trends to push the boundaries of creative expression.

The rise of AI-generated music covers has become prominent on the platform, leading to discussions and guidelines for AI-generated music in collaboration with major music labels. These new AI tools and features reflect YouTube’s commitment to enhancing the creative potential of content creators while addressing some of the challenges associated with AI applications on the platform.


1. What is Dream Screen on YouTube?

Dream Screen is a new YouTube Shorts tool that uses AI to create backgrounds based on user input, making video creation more dynamic.

2. How can I access Dream Screen?

Dream Screen will be accessible to select creators before a broader rollout next year.

3. What is YouTube Create?

YouTube Create is a mobile app providing easy-to-use video editing tools, including trimming videos and automatic captioning. It also offers filters, effects, transitions, and royalty-free music.

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