3i Infotech Partners With CoreStack To Boost Multi-cloud Digital Transformation

3i Infotech Partners With CoreStack

Pointers at Glance

  • 3i Infotech partners with CoreStack to increase multi-cloud digital transformation.
  • This partnership will enable cloud platforms to boost security, cost optimization, and operational efficiency.

IT firm 3i Infotech has partnered with a multi-cloud governance provider, CoreStack, that empowers enterprises to unleash the power of the cloud.

The long-term partnership will enable 3i Infotech’s NuRe Cloud platform to boost security, cost optimization, and operational efficiencies for companies by leveraging CoreStack’s Next-Gen Cloud Governance offerings: FinOps, CloudOps and SecOps.

Benefits of Partnership

The partnership between 3i Infotech and CoreStack is estimated to bring a competitive edge in managing cloud governance combined with managed services. Enterprises looking to migrate their mission-critical applications to the cloud can now leverage these solutions to meet the challenges of the increasing cloud footprint within their organizations.

The combined offering will help customers to streamline their cloud operations, implement cloud cost management, and enhance & automate compliance and security across their multiple cloud environments. In addition, 3i Infotech, a Managed Services Provider (MSP) & a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and CoreStack’s AI-powered NextGen Cloud Governance solution will significantly help customers accelerate digital transformation using automation and orchestration.

3i Infotech has a suite of cloud offerings to convey every conceivable market. The 5G-enabled cloud platform, in alliance with Oracle, offers enterprise customers almost zero overhead and delivers a world-class customer experience.

3i Infotech’s NuRe Edge, a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) based platform, enables borderless security at the edge. It provides enterprise and cloud networking delivered as-a-service consumption, elastic scale up & down, with end-to-end security, visibility, performance, and governance.

Words by Nilesh Gupta on the Partnership

Speaking on this crucial partnership, Nilesh Gupta, SVP & global practice head, 3i Infotech Limited, said they are delighted to partner with CoreStack to bring a differentiated and best-in-class offering to their customers worldwide. Their business models are continuously adapting and accelerating at a relatively quick pace.

Companies must adapt to faster change in managing their security, network and data complexity on the internet. Through their combined synergies, they will significantly help enterprises operate more cost-efficiently, eliminate operational and management challenges and increase the higher performance of their applications.

The AI-powered multi-cloud governance solution of CoreStack has provided customers with transformational outcomes with its NextGen Cloud Governance fabric, like a 50 percent increase in cloud operational efficiencies, a 40 percent reduction in cloud costs, and a 100 percent compliance with security standards.

Words by Suren Singh on the Partnership

Suren Singh, VP of partnerships and alliances at CoreStack, said that with enterprises pouring in tremendous investment in technology, particularly in cloud computing, across their lines of business, it’s critical to support the power of NextGen CloudOps to ensure speed to market.

They are thrilled to partner with 3i Infotech to help their large enterprise customer base with digital transformation across IT and business lines through AI-powered cloud governance, automation, and orchestration.

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