CyberRes From Micro Focus Teams Up With Google Cloud


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  • CyberRes has teamed up with Google Cloud to support the future release of BigQuery remote functions.
  • This partnership will accelerate and expand the data science initiatives of organizations and help companies comply with evolving privacy regulations.

CyberRes, from Micro Focus, has partnered with Google Cloud to support the future release of BigQuery remote functions.

The partnership will see end-to-end enterprise data protection solution of CyberRes, Voltage SecureData, integrate with Google’s BigQuery data warehouse to expand and accelerate organizations’ data science initiatives and help companies comply with ever-evolving privacy regulations.

The integration will enable CyberRes Voltage customers to protect data in use, in motion persistently, and at rest in Google BigQuery. The support for remote functions also enables Google Cloud’s BigQuery customers to take advantage of privacy-enabling technologies of Voltage.

Mutual customers can use the format-preserving encryption of Voltage, hashing, and tokenization services within BigQuery in conjunction with Google BigQuery’s native security to address strict privacy compliance controls. Voltage’s cloud-agnostic and consistent data protection allows all customers to use regulated data for analytics across hybrid clouds safely.

Tony de la Lama, VP of product management, CyberRes, said that the availability of remote functions from BigQuery is an exciting and critical evolution of Google Cloud’s platform for their customers.

The highly scalable multi-cloud data warehouse of Google Cloud, BigQuery, is designed for business agility and allows customers to gain insights with real-time and predictive analytics, access data and securely share insights. This new partnership adds to Voltage SecureData’s deep capabilities in securing analytics across databases, data warehouses, and data lakes and enables customers to shift workloads seamlessly and securely to BigQuery.

The CyberRes Voltage portfolio helps secure organizations with continuous data discovery, insight, and protection to decrease risk and enable privacy by design. Organizations can work with high-value, sensitive customer data in its protected state to derive business intelligence without the data exposure risk in Google BigQuery.

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