Data Transfer Project extends as Apple joins in

It’s been a year since the Data Transfer Project was launched officially. And now, Apple is joining the team as well. With Apple onboard, the data in and out of the iCloud will be done though an interoperable system. Apart from Apple, other social media giants like, Facebook and Twitter have also signed up as part of the project.

Basically, the Data Transfer Project is an open-source project by Google. The idea here is to make it easier for the transfer of big data from one service/platform to another. The Project has mostly consisted of back-end coding to make data export tools like Google Takeout and Access Your Information tool from Facebook compatible with each other. Instead of downloading the data into a hard drive, the Data Transfer Project allows you to port the data directly from service to service. For instance, you can directly transfer your Facebook photos to your Google Photos app.

The biggest advantage here is that the Project assures absolute security. “We are continually making improvements that might cause things to break occasionally. So as you are trying things please use it with caution and expect some hiccups,” says the official website. With Apple joining the team now, more data aid will be coming in.