8 Efficient Ways to Make Your Chrome Browser Faster

Chrome Browser Faster

After the windows 10 update, several complaints about the slow performance of Chrome. Chrome is the default browser for almost every Windows PC or Mac we can find out there.

Despite the launching of other web browsers, Google Chrome remains the favorite for many. However, the rise of digital operations has put pressure on computing. The e-services have only multiplied in the years with the rise in surfing social media, emailing, streaming videos, or listening to music.

Not just for entertainment, but most professionals rely on apps like Google Docs and Sheets which took over the traditional Microsoft Office suite. Google has become the operating system for online computing. It has nearly 70% of the market share on desktops and laptops. If Chrome is down, the whole computing experience suffers.

We understand the importance of the Chrome browser. We have curated the best 8 tips and chrome extensions to help make your chrome browser faster.

  1. Stay updated with the latest version

Stay updated with the latest version safe crome

Chrome is always updating and evolving to improve its performance. You must ensure that your laptop has the latest version of Chrome. Although Chrome automatically downloads the updates, there is a need to restart and install the updates.

How do you ensure chrome is updated?

  • Click on the three-dot ‘More’ on the upper right corner of the browser or use chrome://settings/
  • Click Help>About

This ‘About’ section will inform you about the version of Chrome and if it’s not, relaunch your browser.

  1. Use the Task Manager

Use the Task Manager

With the help of the built-in tool, Chrome gives you the access to monitor the computer resources like processor, RAM, and networking that are consumed by a browser extension or open tabs.

How to access the Task Manager?

  • Click on the three-dot ‘More’ icon
  • Select More Tools> Task Manager

You can use the task manager to diagnose the problems of a slow browser.

  1. Manage the multiple tabs

Manage the multiple tabs

Do you also often end with multiple tabs and often lose in the half-dozen or more open tabs. When you notice that Chrome is slowing down with multiple tabs opened, use the Task Manager and see if there are one of two tabs that can be blamed. The majority of times the streaming media tab like YouTube is one of the causes of slowed system. With the help of Task Manager, you can isolate the tab and click on End Process to immediately take the load off.

If you’re among the people who often have to work with more than dozens of tabs opened, there is a chrome extension that can help the system from slowing down. The Great Suspender immediately suspends all the tabs in a browser window or you can allot a time after which the window will automatically suspend. The default time is 30 minutes, and you can also set the timer as the extension is highly customizable. The extension also enables the user to unsuspended individual tabs or all the tabs at once when you return to the web pages.

  1. No more Autoplays

No more Autoplays

Google allows the videos and animation to auto-play on sites that choose to enable it. These auto-play videos and animations are to improve the user experiences and increase engagement. However, these web pages can consume more resources and slow down your browser. If you’re not a fan of auto-played animations and videos, you can use the chrome extension AutoplayStopper. This extension blocks the autoplay and saves a lot of computing resources

  1. Stream videos with Hardware acceleration

Stream videos with Hardware acceleration

Amid the pandemic, we all exposed ourselves to long hours of video streaming- may it be through conferencing, online classes, or binge-watch. But videos are amongst the most demanding task for your browser. As we touched upon this point earlier, playing videos or animation can often load the system and slow down the browser. The solution is to turn on the hardware acceleration in Chrome. Although, this option might not be available for Chromebooks.

How will you do that?

  • Click on the three-dot ‘More’ option
  • Go to Settings>Advanced>System
  • Turn on Use Hardware Acceleration when available
  1. Review the Chrome extensions

Chrome Browser Faster

There are several chrome extensions out there to make your work easy on the browser. However, soon these extensions become clutter for the browser. Each extension you add consumes resources and might be heavy on the system causing chrome to slow down. It is advisable to review these chrome extensions at periodic intervals.

How to manage chrome extensions?

  • Click on the three-dot ‘More’ option
  • Select More Tools> Extensions

Here you will get an overview of all the installed extensions. You can review them and discard the unnecessary extensions. If you still wish to keep the extension you can just disable them in the extension panel. Using the Task Manager Ensure that the extensions in use are not burdening the system.

  1. Clean your Chrome browser

Chrome Browser Faster

Browsing is almost a daily routine for us. During these browsing hours, there is a lot of malware that can hijack the browser. For instance, have you been frustrated at the never-ending pop-up ads? It is a type of malware that is written to run on Windows. Windows is amongst the most powerful OS globally. For helping Windows users with malware attacks, Google created an anti-malware utility.

How to access the antimalware tool?

  • Click on the three-dot ‘More’ option
  • Go to Settings>Advanced
  • Find the Reset and Clean Up option
  • Click on ‘Clean up computer’ to scan
  1. If nothing works use Reset

There are several steps to speed up your browser but sometimes all tricks seem to fail. In these moments we can turn to and rely on the traditional ‘reset’ option. The reset program will not discard the bookmarks, history, extensions, or saved passwords. But it will disable the chrome extensions so you might have to enable it later. It would also affect your customization and you will need to create that personalized space again.

How to reset the Chrome browser?

How to reset the Chrome browser?

  • Click on the three-dot ‘More’ option
  • Go to Settings>Advanced>Reset Settings
  • Click on ‘Restore setting to their original defaults’

The above-mentioned tips and extensions can help you make the Chrome browser faster. These tips work on Macbooks, Windows, and Chromebooks as well.

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