Is Palladium One Set to Acquire the Tyko Nickel-Copper District in Canada?

Palladium One Mining

Key Highlights

  • Palladium One Mining expands Tyko Nickel-Copper District, acquiring Tyko II property for new drill-permitted targets.
  • With $14.5 million in cash reserves, the company is set to commence drilling in mid-October, advancing its nickel-copper strategy in a promising mining jurisdiction.

Palladium One Mining has announced its expansion of the Tyko Nickel-Copper District by acquiring the “Tyko II Copper-Nickel-PGE” property. 

Palladium One Mining’s Strategic Expansion in the Tyko District

Tyko II Copper-Nickel-PGE property is situated about 10 kilometers north of the Tyko I property (formerly known as “Tyko”) and approximately 15 kilometers east of Manitouwadge, Ontario, Canada.

Advancing Nickel-Copper Strategy and Exploration Plans

This expansion aligns with the company’s strategy in the nickel-copper sector, particularly in this promising but relatively underexplored region, where Palladium One now holds control over an impressive 38,130 hectares of land. 

  1. The Tyko II property presents a fresh set of drill-permitted magmatic copper-nickel sulphide targets.
  2. Notably, Tyko II shares geological similarities with Tyko I and features several previously untested historic electromagnetic (EM) anomalies. 
  3. It’s worth mentioning that, similar to Tyko I, Tyko II has seen limited historic exploration and government mapping.

The company has made significant progress in its 2023 prospecting, mapping, and soil sampling program. It is on track to commence drilling tests on new and existing targets in mid-October. 

Palladium One is in a solid financial position, boasting $14.5 million in cash reserves as of the end of Q2, providing ample support for its planned activities. Derrick Weyrauch, President and CEO, expressed optimism about these developments.


1. What is the significance of Palladium One Mining’s acquisition of the Tyko II property?

Palladium One Mining’s acquisition expands the company’s holdings in the Tyko District, providing access to new drill-permitted copper-nickel sulphide targets.

2. How financially prepared is Palladium One Mining for its exploration plans?

Palladium One has a strong financial position, with $14.5 million in cash reserves as of the end of Q2, ensuring ample support for its planned activities.

3. What geological similarities exist between Tyko II and Tyko I?

Tyko II shares geological characteristics with Tyko I and features previously untested historic electromagnetic (EM) anomalies.

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