Is Venice Planning to Implement a Tourist Tax for Day-Trippers in 2024?

Tourist Tax for Day-Trippers

Key Highlights

  • Venice is set to introduce a tourist tax for day-trippers in 2024, aiming to address over-tourism challenges.
  • The tax will be €5 or $5.35, with exceptions for hotel guests, commuters, and property owners, and will involve an online booking system.

After a delay in its launch, city authorities have now provided a new timeline for implementing a pre-booking system and associated fee for day-trippers visiting Venice.

Tourist Tax Trial in Venice

The popular Italian tourist destination, Venice, will soon initiate a trial for a tourist tax that was originally scheduled to commence in the summer of 2022.

Visitors coming to Venice for the day will soon be required to pay a fee as the city moves forward with its postponed tourist tax initiative. The city council has granted approval for the policy, aiming to address the challenges of over-tourism that have been impacting this popular tourist destination.

  • The pre-booking system is set to undergo a 30-day trial during the spring and summer weekends in 2024.
  • Initially scheduled to begin in January 2023, the implementation had faced setbacks, reportedly due to logistical issues and concerns about its potential impact on tourist revenue.

Online Booking System

As part of their ongoing efforts to address overcrowding, especially on peak visitor days, city authorities will impose a €5 or $5.35 tax on day-trippers exploring Venice’s Old City starting in the spring of 2024. Exceptions to this tax include overnight visitors staying in hotels, commuters, and property owners in Venice.

  1. An online booking system will be implemented to facilitate tax payment, although it has not yet been introduced.
  2. Even those exempt from the fee will be required to register their trips through the online booking system.

Recently, UNESCO recommended adding Venice to its list of endangered sites due to the challenges posed by over-tourism, exacerbated by cruise ships and a surge in day-trippers during peak periods.


1. Why is Venice implementing a tourist tax for day-trippers?

To combat overcrowding, especially on peak days, and address over-tourism challenges.

2. When will the tourist tax trial begin?

The trial is set for spring and summer weekends in 2024.

3. How will visitors pay the tourist tax?

An online booking system will be introduced for payment and registration.

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