Send reminders to family and friends with Google Assistant

Google’s AI voice assistant has a new feature for its users. You can assign reminders to other people. There’s just one criterion: that person needs to be part of a trusted fellow-group among Assistant users. The feature is designed for family and a tight-knit group of friends. You can remind your mom about the doctor’s visit through the Family Group feature on Google Assistant.

Powered with the Smart Display, the reminder pops up on your smartphone/tablet screen when your parents or your spouse reminds you about groceries, etc. You can set the reminder with your voice or text to pop up an alert at the designated time or location. Based on your history, you can also set the reminders to repeat. Of course, it all works with a simple “Hey, Google”.

Google hopes that it doesn’t become a nag for your family and friends. Instead, the AI-enabled feature is like sending a virtual note or bring up a casual conversation. Or, you could also wish your best pal good luck for his big presentation when he reaches his workplace.

Google also says there’s a blocking option. The idea here is that kids don’t spam their parents’ notifications with unnecessary prompts! You can create a Family Group by going to

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