Zenoss and ADCom will manage Coca-Cola Company’s IT Services


At a Glance:

  • Zenoss will be managing the IT services for Coca-Cola Bottling Company United Inc.
  • CCBCU will rely on Zenoss to modernize the IT Telecom data infrastructure ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Zenoss is a leader in AI-driven full-stack monitoring and is excited to assist CCBCU in its digital transformation journey.

Zenoss announced that a private Coca-Cola bottling company HQ in Birmingham, Alabama, has selected ADCom Solutions to offer managed IT services powered by Zenoss.

Zenoss is the leader in AI-driven full-stack monitoring, and Coca-Cola Bottling Company United Inc. (CCBCU) is the second-largest privately held Coca-Cola bottler in the U.S. it has selected Zenoss to modernize the IT Telecom data infrastructure and ensure the highest levels of customer service.

Coca-Cola has epic transformation

CCBCU was established in 1902, has undergone an epic transformation, and has tripled the size and scope of the business. CCBCU has around 10,000 associates located in more than 50 sales and distribution centers and 8 production facilities located throughout six South Eastern states including, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. CCBCU is house to big brands like Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero Sugar, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Fanta, and AHA, as well as still brands like Smartwater, Dasani, Powerade, Gold Peak, Monster, Minute Maid, and many more.

ADCom improvising the infrastructure

CCBCU partnered with ADCom Solutions in 2012 and has maintained a long-term relationship. By April 2021, ADCom had upgraded CCBCU to the VEEUE platform, powered by Zenoss. The company has recorded measurable infrastructure improvements that have positively impacted business outcomes.

The Director of IT for CCBCU, Mike Neighbors, stated, “The platform is very powerful and yet extremely user-friendly. The ADCom team works for hand in glove with our internal team to ensure the IT telecom data infrastructure is always running smoothly.”

Zenoss assisting with digital transformation

Zenoss Cloud leverages the most powerful ML and real-time analytics to give companies the ability to scale and adapt to the changing needs of their businesses. The CEO of Zenoss, Greg Stock, commented, “We’re extremely proud to be trusted by Coca-Cola Bottling Company United in their digital transformation journey. It is an awesome company that has become a household name that is trusted by consumers and partners alike.”