Beijing’s rising concern of COVID around the Winter Olympics Games

Winter Olympic Games

At a Glance:

  • Beijing records 27 new domestically spread cases and 5 asymptomatic local carriers.
  • There will be a widespread COVID test for around 10 million people.
  • As of 21st Jan, Mainland China has recorded 105,547 confirmed cases and 4,636 deaths.

Beijing has advised all its local districts to maintain the full emergency mode as the city has continually reported local COVID cases. The emergency has been due to the imminent Winter Olympics Games.

In less than two weeks of proceeding to the Olympics, the rapid transmission of the COVID virus can be a threatening situation. By far the city has confirmed 27 domestically transmitted cases while there are 5 asymptomatic local carriers.

The city of Harbin will begin widespread COVID-19 tests for around 10 million people. Though it has not recorded any cases to date.

Holiday period in Beijing rise concern for COVID?

The government will be observing the peak travel period and imposing strict restrictions to control the outbreak of COVID. This task will be on priority as Beijing will be hosting the Winter Olympics Games next month.

The travelers are advised to have a report on their trips before arrival. China has recorded 63 new cases and by far has 105,547 confirmed cases and 4,636 death tolls.

Winter Olympic Games in Beijing

China’s COVID restrictions are strict and it has helped the city contain the virus. A similar strategy will be applied for the Winter Olympics too. To contain the spread of COVID, the entire game will be sealed inside a ‘closed-loop system’. Like a bubble, the players will be completely cut off from the rest of the city. Also, the organizers will be transferring through 3 competition zones that are up to 180 kilometers apart.

The overall situation remains under control,” stated Huang Chun, an official of the Beijing Organizing Committee. He also added that the city will not seal off or change COVID containment rules for the Winter Olympic Games.