T-Mobile announces to terminate unvaccinated employees


At a Glance:

  • T-Mobile has announced that it will fire employees that are not vaccinated against COVID-19, before April 2nd.
  • Apple and other big players have taken a serious step towards mandatory employee vaccination.
  • The Booster shot is part of the vaccination against COVID-19.

T-Mobile just announced that it will terminate corporate employees that are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The announcement was made through an internal company memo on the independent blog site.

T-Mobile announces new policy

The memo read, “Employees who have not yet taken action to receive their first dose and upload proof by February 21 will be placed on unpaid leave.” It also mentioned, “Affected employees who do not become fully vaccinated…by April 2 will be separated from T-Mobile.”

The new policy was addressed to all employees, except the international, field technicians, or in-store retail roles.

T-Mobile did confirm that the employees working in the office will be required to be fully vaccinated by April 2nd. Moreover, the badge-controlled offices will only be accessible to those vaccinated against COVID-19.

Big Corporations Mandating vaccinations

Earlier, Apple announced that the employees will require proof of vaccination and negative COVID-19 test results to enter the workplace.

Back-to-office plans have been pushed forward due to the rising cases of Omicron. Given the rising concerns for COVID-19 and its new variant Omicron, several companies are mandating the requirement of vaccination against COVID-19. The booster shot is also now a part of the vaccination.

Meta (parent company of Facebook) has also mandated that the employee returning to offices must take the COVID-19 booster shots. Also, the office reopening has been pushed from Jan 31st to March 28th. Google has also provisionally mandated weekly COVID-19 tests for people of the U.S. office. While Amazon is offering its workers $40 to get the booster shot.

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